When Fashion And Food Collide – We Are What We Eat

Blank Instagram Post (6)One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so why can’t so called « junk food » give us something that we can really chew on…like fashion? If you’ll notice, all of the things that are generally unhealthy to put inside your body – animal fats, fatty oils, cholesterol – are actually GREAT to put on the body. (Natural soap is nothing but animal fat, fatty oils make the best lotions and cholesterol is good for the hair.) Whether you should use these products or not isn’t the topic of today’s blog post.
My focus for this news update is when fashion and food collide. The same ornate culinary salesmanship that entices you to buy that sorbet pancake wrap or the whip cream pastry provides some beautiful templates for seasonal ensembles. From heartburn to eat your heart out – fast food can become quite elegant when used as a fashion inspiration. Sometimes…


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      1. C’est une magnifique journée ici aujourd’hui. Un beau ciel bleu et du soleil (enfin!!!) J’aimerais bien lire dans mon petit jardin mais bon, je dois aller travailler. Je te souhaite une superbe journée!

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  1. We are what we eat. Then there is the issue of the environment. As many of you are aware, livestock is a major contributor to global warming, accounting for at least 18 percent of all global warming gases. For those who have been unaware, it is past time that you educate yourself before it is too late. The meat industry is not going to tell you. We must band together, share what we do know and hold the government and food industry accountable. The internet is rich information, alas there is always misinformation so be wary of your sources. Our responsibility is to know and to act. The children know and in rising numbers, they call on us to account for our neglect and to join them. Greta Thunberg travels Europe by train or with her parents in their electric car to speak to the world on Climate Change and what we all must do. YouTube is filled with her speeches. She has been nominated for the Nobel Prize and has just recently turned sixteen years of age. All over the globe, they are walking out of schools protesting. We are not doing enough and so the children have picked up the gauntlet and are shaming us for we have left them vulnerable with little to no future in sight. Here is a link to Greta addressing the EU and I hope all will listen to this girl’s words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWsM9-_zrKo

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