July 2021 – Week Two

rambling ratz

Glad to say that everyone in the Ratz household has now had two Covid-19 vaccinations, so Bill Gates can enjoy tracking our every move. Sadly I probably have to point out that was my attempt at humour, I’m sure Bill Gates has better things to do. We all had Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines and apart from the expected mild immune response effects we have had no problems at all.

grey ball with red bits Image of Coronavirus from CDC

Back to the Ratz garden. The lawn clover has been joined by these purple flowers. They are Prunella vulgaris, or self heal. As you might imagine this plant was used medicinally. It was used on wounds traditionally, modern research shows that it is high in vitamins and antioxidants. It can be eaten in salads or made into herbal tea or a pesto.purple flower on lawn

The Lychis coronaria is doing very well and I’m happy to say attracting the bees.

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Paisley Rat Fabrics

No way, still my fav design!!

Paisley Power

Sandra Schöpper regularly buys the rat-patterned fabrics designed by Patrick Moriarty. Today she bought 4 different versions. The frist was the Paisley Rats design (red and black version).

The second design she bought was the Paisley Rat Mosaic (green and black version).

The third design she bought was the Paisley Rat Mosaic (black and turquoise version).

The fourth design she bought was the Paisley Rat Mosaic (purple and white version).

Sandra has pet rats and makes rat accessories with the fabrics.

Link to Paisley Rats: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/162641

Link to Paisley Rat Mosaic: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/326497

Don’t forget: 33% of Patrick’s commission from the rat fabric sales goes to Apopo (Hero Rats) charity.

Patrick originally drew the designs on paper in his design studio in Southend-on-Sea UK. Customers worldwide buy the fabrics for fashion, home decor and pet accessories.

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Le sauvetage des 300


Fin mai, l’association action protection animale nous a contactés afin de l’aider a prendre en charge pas moins de 300 rongeurs tous issus d’une saisie. Evidemment, nous avons répondu présent et avons pu les aider. Ici, vous trouverez lié le site internet de l’APA qui décrit le sauvetage et, juste en dessous, le montage vidéo réalisé suite a ce dernier.

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Sentencing Act Comes Into Force Increasing Maximum Jail Terms for Animal Abusers From Six Months to Five Years – Katzenworld


Katarat – Son aventure en Avril 2020


[Ce message a ét- « arrête avec ça, tu nous fatigues, c’est moi la star, on ne parle que de moi ici ! »]

Chers amis du rat domestique, asseyez-vous, prenez une tasse d’eau et ouvrez le paquet de drops, je suis de retour ! Préparez-vous à l’inattendu, aux rires, aux larmes et à mon incroyable récit du mois d’avril.

… C’est assez convaincant ? Je travaille encore mes ouvertures. A vrai dire, j’ai essayé de contacter plusieurs auteurs célèbres pour m’aider, mais je n’ai reçu aucune réponse. Entre vous et moi, ils ne vont pas faire long feu dans leur domaine, si vous voyez où je veux en venir. J’ai d’ailleurs appris peu après la publication de mon premier article que je ne serai pas rémunérée pour mon dur labeur. C’est pourquoi j’ai commencé à chercher des missions auprès de la presse à scandale ;j’adore les potins.J’ai l’ouïe pour dénicher…

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June 2021 – Week Four and a Bit

rambling ratz

While June was warmer and drier than May it still seemed to me to be chillier than usual with many overcast days. However, the mock orange – Philadelphus virginal – gleamed in the sunlight when it did show up. We have two of these trees/shrubs.white flowers

One has frillier flowers than the other.white flowers

For colour the fox and cubs –Pilosella aurantiaca – have sprung into action.orange flowers

I believe they are a type of hawkweed, as are these yellow dandelion type flowers. They are popular with bees and other pollinators like this beetle.yellow flower with beetle

Speaking of beetles, I was very pleased to spot a native 7 spot ladybird. I usually only see the harlequin varieties these days.red beetle with black spots

There also seems to be more snails about, probably thanks to the damp spring we had. In recent years they have been greatly outnumbered by slugs for some reason.black and white photo of snail on fence

The honeysuckle has been providing succour…

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You know the day will be long when…

When at 9 am a sparrow is already taking a bath in your kitchen sink!

When while you have a beauty treatment applied to your face and all you have to wear is a t-shirt, a panicked woman you don’t know calls you behind the door because she has a sparrow stuck in fly traps and needs help; and you have no choice but to come out and open her like that…

Good morning guys, have a great day!