Your car is too hot!

The Purrfect Job

It’s that time of the year again!

Every year, there are so many tragic stories in the media about people leaving their dogs in their cars.

Yes, we are cat lovers, but we are animal lovers first and foremost. Cat Man has designed this poster to help educate the public to NEVER leave your dog (or cats if they are travelling with you) in the car, no matter how short a time and EVEN if you leave a gap at the window!

Even if you don’t have a dog, please download this poster and stick it to your car window.

Other drivers might see this postcard and change their mind about leaving their dogs behind. It might save lives! Our doggie friends will thank you for that!

The poster has been set up in a fool proof way that there is no need to adjust any setting with your printer…

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Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’


WINNER-Julian-RadJulian Rad

SILVER-RUNNER-UP-William-Richardson William Richardson.

Highly-Commended-Alison-Buttigieg Alison Buttigieg

Highly-Commended-Graham-McGeorge Graham McGeorge

Highly-Commended-Julie-Hunt Julie Hunt

Highly-Commended-Megan-Lorenz Megan Lorenz

these-baby-baboons-are-going-to-be-besties-for-ever-i-know-it Tony Dilger

Highly-Commended-Marc-Mol Marc Mol

this-silverback-mountain-gorilla-doesnt-care-what-you-think Oliver Dreike

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-31-57fb40d56564a__880 Austin Thomas

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-16-57fb40b431364__880 Austin Thomas

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb453b11c53__880 Edward Kopeschny

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-26-57fb40cae94c3__880 George Balan

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-5-57fb409c568e2__880 Mary Swaby

funny-comedy-animal-photography-awards-9jpg Yuzuru Masuda

funny-comedy-animal-photography-awards-4jpg @Charlie Davidson

Be Different Mohammed Alnaser

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-11 Isabelle Marozzo

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-7 Charles Kinsey

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-25-57fb40c8c39a8__880 Ross Couper

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb45e4e42fa__880 Barb D’Arpino

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-35-57fb40dd02f48__880 Alex Jevon

164_comedywildlife_oct13 Tony Murtagh

00000140_p Thomas Bullivant

00000156_p Austin Thomas

00000110_p Olivier Steiner

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-18-57fb40b7bed8d__880 Perdita Petzl

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-34-57fb40db53b11__880 Philip Marazzi

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-23-57fb40c339239__880 Mario Fiorucci

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-27-57fb40cca28b7__880 Angela Bohlke

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-30-57fb40d3a4859__880 @Adam Parsons

dutton-robert-for-the-comedy-wildlife-photo-awards-2016-south-africa-april-2012 Dutton Robert

phpaxcvHC Perdita Petzl

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-20 Derek Auerman

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-18 Adam White

funny-entries-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-6jpg Murray Mcculloch

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-16 Yvette Richard

1101_comedy-wildlife-frog-1000x623Artyom Krivosheev

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-8jpg Rob Kroenert

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-12-57fb40ab9cbe7__880 Stephen Biddlecombe

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-4-57fb4099ad5a9__880 Markus Pavlowsky

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-3-57fb409747991__880 Alison Mees

2CD1E54500000578-0-image-a-328_1443424597830 Diaruisz Bress

Comedy-9 Aaron Karnovski

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-11-57fb40a96d56b__880 Yaron Schmid

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-2-57fb409517e2f__880 Brigitta Moser

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb470946e67__880 ©Michael Erwin

00000137_p © Vaughan Jessnitz

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-19-57fb40b99484e__880 Hahish Inamdar

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-8-57fb40a27ceb1__880 Usman Priyona

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-10-57fb40a6b5f10__880 Brenden Simonson

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-22-57fb40c0e3dec__880Henrik Spranz

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-9james sharp

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-28-57fb40ce6db78__880 Brigitta Moser

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-13-57fb40aeee845__880 Patricia Bachmam

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-17 Marilyn Parver

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-10 Monkia Carrie

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-12 Nicolas de Vaulx

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-21-57fb40bf1e29b__880 @Anup Deodhar

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-19 Rosario L Cordoba

00000129_p Caroline Tout

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-21 Isabelle Marozzo

comedy-wildlife_06 Megan Lorenz

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-15-57fb40b2b2199__880 @Nicolas de Vaulx

Kung Fu SquirrelJulian Rad

Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

More info: Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

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Hedgehog B&B – Part Three

Good end of the story for them :p

rambling ratz

Following on from Part One and Part Two, here is the eagerly awaited Part Three! The three hedgehogs had gained weight and the weather had finally settled. It was time to release the hogs. First of all I prepared three igloos, in addition to the one that was already out, so that they would have ready made beds. I placed them in sheltered parts of the garden.

I then gave them a final weigh-in and their final portraits as captives. Daisy-Boy.



As night fell, I undid the front panel and raised it to hedgehog height before re-securing it and moving the stones away from one corner. It took a little while for their escape route to be noticed, typically they missed the big gap in the corner and squeezed over some remaining stones. Daisy-Boy was the first to notice and pushed most of his body out…

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Yaourt sans produits laitiers ni soja


Héhé, l’article du jour est un atelier Faussaire Frankenstein ! Additionné d’un gros tas d’informations techniques, puisque vous avez l’air d’aimer ça ;-).


Les yaourts sont une excellente source de probiotiques, c’est à dire de micro-organismes vivants importants pour avoir une flore buccale, digestive et vaginale saine. Les probiotiques sont importants pour la digestion, mais aussi pour l’immunité.Voici un résumé de leur effet sur la santé. On trouve des probiotiques dans les aliments fermentés et conservés au frais : choucroute crue et autres légumes lactofermentés, yaourts, kéfir (de lait ou de fruits), tempeh, miso. On en trouve aussi dans des compléments alimentaires. Pour avoir un effet des probiotiques, il est recommandé d’en consommer au moins un milliard par jour pendant au moins 10 jours – facile, sachant qu’1 gramme de yaourt français contient au moins 0,1 milliard de bactéries vivantes.

Notons que

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