Why what I apply on my skin is important?

It is the first physical barrier of our body. It provides mechanical protection by its elasticity and resistance, a thermoregulatory function, it contains tactile and pain receptors and provides chemical protection against bacteria, microbes and toxic products through secretions (secretions such as sweat which also a purifying role).

Human skin. Layered epidermis with hair follicle, sweat and sebaceous glands. Healthy skin anatomy medical vector illustration

It is absorbent: any substance applied to the skin passes the skin barrier and is found in the blood 20 minutes after application. What is applied penetrates almost directly into the blood and quickly reaches the vital organs. Hence the importance of applying natural products that will not damage the skin, the hair or the immune system.

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

The Arty Plantsman

Apologies for lack of content recently. June has not been an easy month to put it mildly. Not all bad by any means, just crazy! Bookended by an exhibition in London at the start and then another this coming weekend was three weeks of stress from other directions. Around the middle of the month I was struggling for sure.

My friend Gill from Talking Thailand has kindly nominated me for this award. I am happy to accept and this is my first award post in a while. Thank you Gill!

Please visit Gill. Like may of us she is negotiating a period of adjustment in her life and writes so eloquently about her experiences.


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Sacred Tree Profile: Cherry (Prunus Serotina)’s Magic, Mythology, Medicine and Meaning

Wonderful article 🙂

The Druid's Garden

Butterfly on choke cherry

When most people think of cherry trees, they think about plump, juicy, red or purple cherries from cultivated cherry trees.  However, here in the USA, we have a variety of wild cherries that are an interwoven and rich part of our landscape. An enigmatic tree found throughout the eastern part of North America and South America is prunus serotina, the wild cherry, black cherry, mountain black cherry, or rum cherry tree. Most people interact with this tree not in its living form, but through the beautiful reddish-brown heartwood that this tree produces, and that can be frequently found in their furniture and flooring.  And yet, this tree has so much more to offer than just beautiful wood! While I’m targeting my comments today about the black cherry, many of the material found here can be about *any* cherry tree local to you, including domesticated cherries.  Many…

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Summer Solstice

rambling ratz

June 21st 2019 is the longest day and the first day of summer, known as the Summer Solstice.Photo of sunrise

Here in the northern hemisphere the earth is at its maximum tilt towards the sun. This is the day that the northern hemisphere experiences the longest amount of daylight. It is also known as midsummer and later, in the Christian world, St John’s Day, as it is believed to be when John the Baptist was born.

photo of bumblebee on blue blossomMidsommar is a particularly important event in Scandinavia and the Baltic. In pagan times, bonfires were lit to drive out evil spirits and the healing properties of plants such as St John’s Wort and Calendula were thought to be enhanced. Will-O’-The-Wisps are supposed to appear on this night, hovering over hidden treasure, sadly the phenomenon is probably just marsh gas.

In the UK Neo-Druids are allowed access to Stonehenge. It is thought that Stonehenge may have…

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When Fashion And Nature Collide: The Edible Flowers Experience

Two of our favourite things come together for a holistic sensory experience in the June edition of When Fashion And Nature Collide. On Darren’s visit to Montreal, we had the fortune and pleasure of indulging in quite a few types of edible flowers. I had heard that begonias taste like apples, but experiencing it is —well, it’s just a next level kind of treat! We ended up playing with our food and creating some interesting salads. And we also made for you a guide to edible flower flavours.
Instagram Guide FlavoursA few words about the begonias. Yes, they do taste like apples, but their savors are different according to their colours. The red begonias taste like McIntosh. The pink ones have a sour crab apple flavour and the yellow begonias have the delicious tart taste of the Granny Smith apple.
With all these lovely flowers and their leafs, we made this…

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Working with and Honoring the Sun at the Solstice

The Druid's Garden

Sacred rays of the sun Sacred rays of the sun

The sun’s rays come over the horizon, on the solstice, the most sacred of days. The solstice goes my many names, the day of high light, midsummer, Alban Hefin. Across the globe and through time, it has been celebrated since before recorded history. In the light of the sun, we have strength, warmth, growth, energy, abundance, healing, and wisdom. The sun has been shining down upon our beautiful planet has been shining for at least four billion years and we can expect it to remain unchanged for another five billion years. The sun is also enormous–it accounts for 99.86% of the mass of our solar system.  It is such an incredible thing that it’s hard to image in the scope of the sun as it compares to of human lives or human history.  You might say that the sun is one of the most…

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5 Jahre hicemusic!


5 Jahre ist das schon her 🙂

Am 21.05.2014 habe ich eine Rezi zur Single Hotel von The Antlers veröffentlicht. Die Note war eine 2,0 🙂

Hier die Rezi: https://hicemusic.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/the-antlers-hotel/

Zur Feier des Tages hier aus jedem Jahr seitdem meine jeweilige Lieblingsplatte. Plus Bonus, nachdem fast die Hälfte vorbei ist, mein bisheriger Favorit 2019!

Auf die nächsten 5 Jahre! Vielen lieben Dank für den großen Support von euch!

2014: Kate Tempest – Everybody Down

Note bei hicemusic: 2,0

« Das Cover des Albums könnte den Betrachter leicht in die Irre führen, denn darauf sieht Kate Tempest allzu brav aus. Der Schein trügt, denn die 27-jährige versteht es ausgezeichnet, Kritik an gesellschaftlichen Missständen auszüben – selbstbewusst, pointiert, ohne ein Blatt vor den Mund zu nehmen. »

2015: Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly

Note bei hicemusic: 1,7

« Obwohl noch nicht abzusehen ist, ob To Pimp A Butterfly insgesamt betrachtet ein vergleichbares…

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