A new beginning


Donating Kitchen paper

Why do I start article with a photo full with kitchen paper and not with a cat? That is because I want to talk you about « The Kattenbrigade ». The last time I wrote about them it wasn’t good news.  Now, I want to show you the love, the friendship and support Diny and Sab get from around the world. It is about the small and the bigs things that can bring good fortune after bad things that happen. Get ready with your kitchen paper for some great updates after the devastating fire.

Tasha Tasha, testing out the new baskets and toys

The best thing to start the healing process for the cats was going back to  their daily routine: « Washing the buts, putting diapers on, getting medicine, … » Now that is not easy when all your supplies are destroyed by the fire or the water used to kill…

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Book Review: The Cat’s Out of the Bag – Truth and Lies About Cats


Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at the book The Cat’s Out of the Bag: Truth and Lies About Cats by Max Cryer. (See Cover below! Don’t you just love the little cats?)

the cat's out of the bag

We cannot get enough of cats: from ancient times they have occupied a special place in many different cultures around the world. They have also generated a fascinating array of words, expressions and observations, as well as poems, books, movies, cartoons and artworks. In this witty and entertaining book, Max Cryer celebrates cats and all they have given to us. He describes the many words and expressions they have inspired, from ‘catnip’ and ‘catwalk’ to ‘the cat’s whiskers’ and ‘raining cats and dogs’, as well as famous cat characters like Garfield, Felix the Cat, The Cat in the Hat and Puss in Boots, songs as varied as ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ and ‘The Cats’ Duet’, and poems like ‘The Owl and…

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The Owl and the Pussycat II by Julian Quaye


Here is my ‘The Owl and the Pussycat II‘ which I did for an exhibition a couple of years ago.

All my anthropomorphic paintings have a back story or character snippet if you like. These generally come to me when I am drawing out the character or doing the painting itself.  My hope is they will end up in a story book eventually.

Let me introduce you to Billy…

owl and the pussycat II

Matilda ‘Billy’ Maitland, intrepid explorer and pioneering aeronaut.  

Who, along with the celebrated society portraitist, landscape and ornithological artist James Tiberius Starling and the renowned cartographer Garth Phineas Fullerton, mapped the virgin frozen wastes of the far north territories in their sponsored ship of the air The Enterprise.

The original now resides with the first ‘Owl and Pussycat’ on the Isle of Mann – nice to be collected as an artist 🙂  Signed limited edition prints and cards…

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Spring Tree Blossom

rambling ratz

It is that time of the year when the grey British landscape suddenly turns into an oriental brush painting; a silk screen of delicate pink and white blossom shimmering against blue skies. It won’t last!photo of cherry plum blossom

Thursday 20th March 2014 marks the vernal equinox, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. During an equinox the Earth’s tilt relative to the sun is zero and the length of day and night is approximately equal. This auspicious event is marked in various ways. For Christians, the date of Easter is set as the first Sunday after a full moon following the vernal equinox. Boatyard workers in Annapolis, Maryland hold a « Burning of the Socks » festival which speaks for itself, feet are not graced by socks until the autumn equinox. It is also marked by World Storytelling Day. photo of cherry plum blossom

As spring represents new life, pagans throughout the centuries have celebrated various gods and…

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Oliver & Nubia: A new playground!


Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here. 😀 Our humans received this interesting building set called Blocks the other week!


Oliver: Apparently it’s super easy to build. (Unless you have a pet human that is trying to over-complicate things!!!!)


Oliver: It came all flat packed and with easy instructions. I still wish they had build me the castle on the right…

Nubia: You mean US.

Oliver: Anyhow they eventually built it and we got this amazing tower bridge with loads of hidey holes. 😀


Oliver: I shall call this bridge the Royal Oliver crossing

Nubia: Queen Nubia Jubilee bridge!!!!

Oliver: No…


Oliver: What are you doing down there??? Digging a well? o.o

Nubia: *Crunch crunch*

Oliver: Crunch crunch? YOU found food!!!

Nubia: Maybe. 😀


Nubia: Look it was down there all the time. 😀

Oliver: *Grumbles*


Oliver: Right I had some too now. 😀


Nubia: It’s time for a nap… But I’ll…

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Blackbirds and Father’s Day

rambling ratz

Sunday June 15th 2014 is Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. Male blackbirds make excellent fathers; great link eh? Here we see daddy blackbird showing his young fledgling the best places in the garden to scratch around for tasty insects. He will also teach his young charge to wait outside the back door impatiently for some sultanas.photo of blackbird & fledgeling

The Eurasian blackbird, Turdus murula is actually a member of the thrush family. The males have black plumage with a striking yellow beak and eye ring, whereas the females and youngsters are brown splodgy things. They are a very common and vocal garden bird. The blackbird is the national bird of Sweden. Up until the eighteenth century they were also known as ouzels. Most of you will be familiar with the nursery rhyme in which some blackbirds form the filling of a pie. It may sound like nonsense, but apparently during the sixteenth…

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