Building Outdoor Sacred Spaces, Part 2: Stone Circles, Stone Spirals, and Permanent Outdoor Spaces

The Druid's Garden

In permaculture gardening, one of the key principles is to mimic patterns found in nature in designing garden and outdoor spaces.  I believe this principle is critical to creating outdoor sacred spaces–look around you, and when you are designing a sacred space, think about what inspires you.  Is it the circle of the sun or the moon?  Is it the branching pattern on the veins in leaves or on the trees? The spiral pattern of a snail shell?  The curve of a tulip or the flight path of a bird?  Look at each of these patterns found in nature–they can be your inspiration and your guide.

Maypole with circle behind, Beltane 2012 Maypole with circle behind it, Beltane 2012

I want to start with  some general tips that I have found helpful when creating an outdoor sacred spaces:

1) Use only what you can find, make, recycle, or build.  Every time you buy something, that purchase…

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When Fashion and Nature Collide – The Creativity Issue

I present the theme of our March edition, creativity, through 24 of my favorite outfits styled for When Fashion and Nature Collide (WFNC). Our March issue also represents the anniversary of the original collaboration between myself, Lisa and Darren – the « Happy Trio » that recently launched the Threadless store Fashioned by Nature.
Plant This Story (15)Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola –– Balloons & Hearts Design by Lisa Lawrence, LismorePaper –– Photo collage & Stylist: Dominique Nancy, 3C Style –– Dress and shoes from ERA Vintage Wear
Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. This collaboration brings so much joy and inspiration. Although it represents relentless hours each month to think, organise, create, rethink and shoot the looks, I only see the positive energy from our project. We are ready to take you for another ride and I can’t wait to see where our 2019 adventure takes us. We…

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When Fashion and Nature Collide – Our First Anniversary!

The Arty Plantsman

Collage, concept and model – Dominique Nancy of 3C Style. Artwork by Lisa Lawrence of Lismore paper. Photos of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau

I could not resist using the above collage. Firstly because it delights me, secondly because it speaks volumes about the joy of this project and thirdly because it was constructed by my two partners in crime, who I love dearly. Yes, WFNC has now been going for a full year and we thought that this month would therefore be good for a retrospective look at each of our own highlights of the year.

WFNC started as a four-person project but our friend Roda had to pull out to concentrate on her apiary business. The current team consists of Dominique Nancy of 3C Style in Canada, Lisa Lawrence of Lismore Paper in the USA, and myself in the UK. Messages are continually flying through the transatlantic ether…

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