The right to just be like we are

I do not know why, but people always give themselves the right to give you their opinion about your appearance.


You have neither the right to be skinny nor fat, big or small. Be tattooed or have colored hair, not to be capped. If you have too big breasts, it’s not good and if you don’t have big, it’s not good either. If you aren’t epiled they tell you it’s disgusting.6e9781d888ce07e611482a0da3377cf3803cc77a4d80e301e2c2aad732601e5b

People thinks too you need their comments about your outfit. Where is the problem to wear green pants and a red sweater? Or too loose clothes. Or a skirt if your legs are white. As long as your outfit is decent of course, no one wants to see your buttocks or your nipples. ( Breastfeeding women being a different subject! )

We are all like we are, sometimes we choose our corpulence and sometimes not, sometimes we have an illness or a disability, sometimes we just feel good as we are, and other times we suffer from our appearance and comments from bad people really don’t help. 293fdf6bcaeecc3f92521cb45277766f








We should all have the right to exist and to be just as we are.
If your opinion is mean, why feel obliged to share it?








Please just be nice to other people…

11 réflexions sur « The right to just be like we are »

  1. This is so important. I have issues with my hair – if I cut it short, I get people reacting so badly – like I offended them. I even had someone ask me what my husband thinks of it! If I leave it long, people also have issues with it. You can never win.

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    1. Oh sad it is 😦 Sorry to hear you also have bad issues with your appearance. When i was 14 I was the « big turkey », when I was 16 I was the anorexic , at 19 I was the girl with red hair. Now at 30 I am the too skinny and tattooed woman with messy hair! :/ At his previous job, a coworker of my husband asked him why he is with a ugly woman like me. No you can never win! But I am the woman who save rodents, who feed stray cats, who holds the door to the elderly, who try to buy to small traders, who give a sandwich to homeless people, but of course it’s not important…

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      1. Je suis touchee par ton commentaire et desolee des remarques desagreables dont tu as ete l’objet. J’espere que tu sais aujourd’hui combien tes qualites et tes gestes de gentilesse a l’egard des autres font de toi une personne magnifique qui merite a mieux connaitre. J’ai plaisir a te decouvrir. J’aimerais que tu partages plus souvent sur toi, mais chaque chose en son temps. Sache que j’aurai alors grand plaisir a te lire. Desolee pour les accents. Probleme de clavier!!!!! -Dominique

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      2. C’est beaucoup plus dur à vivre quand tu es adolescente. En devenant adulte tu apprends à passer au dessus même si ça n’est pas toujours possible. Le problème quand tu es jeune c’est que ça peut te faire faire les mauvais choix. J’aimerais publier plus à propos de moi mais ça n’est pas toujours évident non plus et difficile parfois également aussi de trouver les mots juste sans donner l’impression de « se plaindre », j’y travaille 😉


  2. What if the way one is, is harmful to others? Trump is simply being who he is and doing untold harm to a nation, to women and to the world. His narcissism, his pathalogical lying rants… and his mental health issues can be ignored no longer.

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