Diary of a Designer – Part 196 – by Patrick Moriarty

Paisley Power

Thank you to everyone who bought fabrics from the « Paisley Rats » collection in August. At least 33% of my commission from sales of the fabrics is donated to Apopo (Hero Rats) charity every month. The monthly donation pays toward the adoption fees of Shuri the rat. She is a clever rat who is trained to clear landmines in Angola. The Paisley Rats fabrics are available to buy online. They are expertly printed and the prices are very affordable.

Shuri the rat.

Here is a photo of the pink Paisley Rats fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty. This version has white rat silhouette shapes and a white paisley pattern, on a pretty pink background. I photographed the fabric on the wooden floor of the Paisley Power design studio in Southend-on-Sea, UK


Here is a photo of the green version of the Paisley Rat Mosaic fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty. The sample…

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