Establishing Sacred Land, or, A Home-Coming

The Druid's Garden

There has been a lot of talk in the American druid scene in the last few years about establishing sacred spaces, creating sacred groves, and really staring to re-enchant our land here. I think druids and other earth-centered spiritual traditions around the world, particularly those living in places shaped by colonization, face these same challenges: how do we create our own sacred spaces? What does that look like?  I wrote earlier this year, for example, about Stones Rising at Four Quarters farm, and the raising of standing stones. A few years ago, I’ve also written a series on sacred sites in the US and how to build some sacred sites. This post continues those conversations.

White Oak by the Creek White Oak by the Creek

In my Stones Rising post, I talked about how establishing sacred spaces, as a community, was certainly an « American » challenge because of the history of colonialism and the…

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Cemetery and Halloween 2017

Here we are for a new Halleween and death post.


Since I was young, I always enjoyed walk in cemetary  and talk with death people. End of october and start of november are the best moment for visit cemetary because they are full of great color and beautiful flowers. But it’s sad to notice that almost all of the rest of the year these beautiful place are abandoned. In fact I love cemeteries all of the year, it’s a peaceful place to take rest with your soul and feelings.


This is Serinchamps cemetery, the town where I grow up and where my dad and best friend sleep forever.

The entrance of a crypt.
A gate towards the castle park.





























My dad


My best friend



In antother cemetary rest the grand-mother of my husband, she was a wonderful woman who helped us many times and never juged us, even if we did lot of bullshit.

Husband grand-mother



Change of Season and Identity


Etsy Shop Icon

Hello! Today, after a little over a year, I’m releasing an updated brand identity, which  includes a new logo and color. You will see the new look on all the public spaces. Soon, the shop, Lismore Paper Co. will offer new products like fine art, planner pages and stickers, stationery, and a few new lines which include schoolhouse paper and nature inspirations.

I will be offering more free printables right here 🙂 I am excited to grow the shop and gain new followers that become friends. The shop is open, but still in the rebuilding phase. I will send a shop announcement when the new lines are complete. So, you will see me on Instagram and on WordPress liking my favorite posts. There are so many amazing bloggers out there.

Creating new items has been inspiring, especially the nature inspirations. Here are a few I have seen at my home…

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A Cemetery Stroll

What a lovely article 🙂

rambling ratz

Photo of chapelAs it is nearly All Hallow’s Eve, the night when the souls of the dead are supposed to return to the mortal realm, I though it would be apposite to post about a cemetery stroll. This is especially true as I believe I am acquainted with more souls in Hereford Cemetery than in the rest of the City!Photo of cemetery

The last time I took you on a Graveyard Bimble it was the middle of summer. Now as we are well into autumn the place is even more windswept and barren.Photo of cemetery

I visited shortly after dawn on a rainy morn.Photo of tree

There is still autumn colour to be found.Photo of autumn leavesAnd the gardener had made good use of some ornamental grasses.Photo of cemetery gardenThe nearly bare trees made beautiful outlines against the moody skies.

« Grandpa Ratz » is the latest family member to book in to Hereford Cemetery’s bed and board. His flowers survived Storm Brian…

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An Introduction to Druidry

The Druid's Garden

Two weeks ago, I was asked to speak at our local UU Church (First Unitarian Universalist Church of Indiana, PA) on the druid tradition.  Of course, given the diversity of the druid tradition and the perpetual challenge in answering the question « What do druids believe? » it took some time to sort out what I wanted to say.  I thought I might share these thoughts here as a good introduction to the druid path for those wanting to know more and/or as a resource to share with non-druids.

Hemlock Healing Hemlock Healing

I grew up in the beautiful Laurel Highlands region of Western PA. As a child, I spent every free hour in the forest behind my house, building cabins, exploring, and talking with trees. When I was fourteen, the forest was logged, and my heart broke. For weeks, the grind of the chainsaw was in the air, and I…

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My garden, summer 2017

On March 26, I wanted to add rose trees in my garden. I choose one of each color. Quickly the first poped up and each week we have some new beautiful roses.

I planted blackberry bush, raspberry bush and blueberry bush. They grown up so fast, sadly the blackberry bush died 😥





June: the very first ones


June: others followed just after the first







My garden was so amzing this summer, I had the luck to enjoy all of this beauty.