Wild Food Profile – Eastern Hemlock Buds: Fresh Eating, Tea, and Eastern Hemlock Bud Dressing

The Druid's Garden

Eastern Hemlock is one of my very favorite trees.  The tall, regal personal, the needles and branches that offer a bluish light beneath them as the sun shines, the cathedral-like quality of the ancient ones. This time of year, you can see the bright green buds on the Eastern Hemlock that represent the growth of the tree for this season.  As the buds grow older, they darken to the beautiful viridian green that is characteristic of the Eastern Hemlock tree. But, for the short window of time when the trees are budding–right now–Eastern Hemlock buds are a delicious treat.

Harvesting Eastern Hemlock buds

We happen to have many of these trees on our property, and some of the branches are starting to grow into our paths and have to be trimmed back. There are thousands of beautiful tiny green buds on each of the branches to be trimmed, which…

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Wild Food Profile: Purple / Sweet Violets (viola odorata)

The Druid's Garden

Beautiful spring violets! Beautiful spring violets!

Early in the spring season (as in, right now), the small, wild purple violets begin popping up everywhere.  Where I live, this is usually late April to Mid may.  I actually found the first violets here in South East Michigan just last week, so its time to blog about violets! I am always delighted to see the violets, because they are sure sign that spring is here, the warmth has returned, and the landscape is painted in a variety of amazing colors once more.

Violet Harvest

Springtime is the best time to harvest violets–you can harvest them typically for several weeks.  I like to hit the same patch every 3 days, and each time harvest up to 30% of the violets there.  If they are particularly abundant (as in the photo below) I might harvest some more.

Here are some photos from a very prolific violet harvest…

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3 Simple Gardening Tips

Plants and Beyond

~ Every growing plant starts with a seed, and every garden starts with a small dream. 

 From proving dreams to become your reality to making small steps towards the goals, your garden can become the outdoor oasis and the place of reprieve. Not one little dedicated area was a perfect garden spot from the very beginning. What are some ways to make your dream garden a reality without becoming overwhelmed? Small steps will take you towards the desired goals. Let’s start small.

sage-1540271_960_720Make a Plan

Creating an oasis that represents you and your vision starts with a plan! Start narrowing down what you want to include in your garden. Maybe you would like all native plants or only an edible garden. Perhaps, you may want to include or avoid specific colors.  Yes, some people are strong in their preferences when it comes to color selection. (Check out this color theory…

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Introduction to Sacred Gardening: Connection, Reciprocity, and Honoring Life

The Druid's Garden

My druid's garden full of sacred plants! My druid’s garden full of sacred plants!

Walking into a sacred garden is like walking into another world, one full of joy, happiness, and wholeness.  Fruit hanging from happy branches, plants coming up from all angles inviting a nibble, a taste, a touch.  The pathways spiral and you get lost, looking at flowers, breathing in the fresh air, and tasting the tart berries on your tongue.  An indoor sacred garden is much the same – a bright window with a chair asking you to sit, stay awhile, and meditate with the plants (or even reach up and take a lemon-scented geranium leaf in your hand and breathe deeply).  Sacred gardens are places that are intentionally cultivated to be in harmony and balance, that are carefully tended by loving hands, and that offer many possibilities for spiritual practice and deeper spiritual connection.

It’s amazing to see that this year, so many…

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