Halloween Safety For Our Pets

Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

Halloween is near! Although this may be a fun time for children and adults, this can be a scary time for our pets.

cat-scared-spiderIt’s a noisy and busy night. It’s important to keep your pets inside, safe, and calm.

Here are some safety tips from petMD.

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All Hallows’ Eve

rambling ratz

Illustration of Rambling Ratz An embarrassing selfie of me with a pumpkin stuck on my head

As I am sure you all know the 31st October, All Hallows’ Eve, is the celebration of the night before All Saints Day (a saint being a hallowed or holy and sacred person).

Such celebrations take different forms around the World. In Germany they hide all the knives so the spirits can’t be mischievous with them. In Hong Kong they leave gifts for hungry ghosts. In the United Kingdom people would light candles to guide the spirits and leave a glass of wine and a soul cake for them. Children would go door to door singing songs for the dead in exchange for these little cakes in a tradition known as « soulling ». This has developed into the modern day « trick or treat ».

It was the Scottish who shortened the name to Hallowe’en in the sixteenth century. They would…

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