Tips for Helping Your Cat through the Fireworks Season

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There will be some cats for whom the first whistle and crack of a firework will send them scuttling under the nearest bed. Here are a few tips to help ensure your cat has a stress-free time during the firework season:

  • Remember that fireworks don’t just happen on November the 5th but can take place both before and after this date, and potentially well into November in some areas. Also consider that many people also use fireworks as part of their New Years Eve celebrations.


  • Make sure your cat is indoors before dusk with the cat flap locked and windows and doors shut.
  • Draw the curtains and turn on the radio or television to provide background noise and draw your cat’s attention away from what’s going on outside.
  • Create a safe quiet area with a cosy bed that your cat has used previously. This might be a blanket in…

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Interviews with Celebrity Cats: Doozer the Ragdoll

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In our latest instalment of celebrity cats, we meet Doozer the Bluepoint Ragdoll who is (almost) 5 years old and his servants, Caz and Wain of Basingstoke, who dutifully record his furry escapades for cat lovers on Instagram.

How would you describe Doozer’s character? Playful, cute, floppy, cheeky, friendly, crazy at times!

Does he have any special characteristics or abilities? Big Blue Eyes, Fluffy tail and the loudest meow and purr!

Have you always been a ‘cat’ person?  Caz says, ‘I have always been a cat person, I grew up with a ginger moggy cat. Wain was a dog person for most his life – until he met and owned Doozer and now he is the biggest convert.’

How did you get Doozer? What endeared you to him?
Wain says, ‘I wanted to get a special surprise birthday present for Caz for her 30th birthday. Knowing how much she…

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Events: Cat madness @ Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

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Hello everyone,

It’s time to have a look at the upcoming HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market which will run from the 25th – 27th of November in Tobacco Dock here in London.

As many of you may remember from our event post about the HYPER JAPAN summer event there is bound to be a whole array of cat themed items around again! And we certainly can’t wait to find our favourites to share with you all. 🙂

What will we find this year? One of our favourites last year was the Tofu Cute stall with all its cute plush animals:


Our some fancy accessories such as…

A pawesome cat bag?!?

Last year I even found a maneki neko in my favourite colour!


Of course there were PLENTY of cat themed items there. 😉

And of course best of all if you REALLY happen to have some friends that are NOT (How dare them!)…

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All Hallows’ Eve

rambling ratz

Illustration of Rambling Ratz An embarrassing selfie of me with a pumpkin stuck on my head

As I am sure you all know the 31st October, All Hallows’ Eve, is the celebration of the night before All Saints Day (a saint being a hallowed or holy and sacred person).

Such celebrations take different forms around the World. In Germany they hide all the knives so the spirits can’t be mischievous with them. In Hong Kong they leave gifts for hungry ghosts. In the United Kingdom people would light candles to guide the spirits and leave a glass of wine and a soul cake for them. Children would go door to door singing songs for the dead in exchange for these little cakes in a tradition known as « soulling ». This has developed into the modern day « trick or treat ».

It was the Scottish who shortened the name to Hallowe’en in the sixteenth century. They would…

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