Our regular night visitor

Since few months this little come on our terrace every evening for have a good meal.

Sometimes he shares with our other visitors the street cats team.


Cultivating Resilience as a Physical and Spiritual Practice

The Druid's Garden

A lovely stand of staghorn sumac in bloom! Staghorn Sumac: A tree that teaches us about resilience

Resilience is a term I first learned as a permaculture practitioner–resilient ecosystems are those that are able to withstand hardship, recover quickly when faced with difficulty, and had a capacity to endure. In other words, a resilient ecosystem can withstand drought, flooding, or other difficulties by being adaptable, flexible, and having redundancies. Which of course, is so critical in today’s ever-changing world fraught with climate change and instability.  Resilient plants are the often-maligned weeds: those weeds who take every opportunity to grow: who find a crack in the sidewalk and take root, who immediately start to grow after disruption, or who outcompete less resilient plants. They are able to be like weeds or opportunistic species, taking advantage of new opportunities, finding niches, and gracefully adapting to change. Think of the dandelion here, growing up through cracks in the sidewalk.  This same…

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Paisley Rats help charity

Paisley Power

Shuri is a landmine-detecting rat that Paisley Power sponsors every month from sales of the Paisley Rats fabrics. She’s been a bit ill lately (dermatosis) so had to convalesce but she’ll be continuing her life-saving job again soon. Please continue to buy the Paisley Rats fabrics to help contribute to the Hero Rats charity, Apopo. Thank you!

Shuri is a landmine-detecting rat

Please continue to buy the Paisley Rats fabrics to help contribute to the Hero Rats charity, Apopo.

Paisley Rats fabrics

The Paisley Rats fabrics are a collection of textile designs by UK designer Patrick Moriarty. He originally drew the design by hand on paper in his design studio in Southend UK. Here is a photo of Patrick’s artwork.

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