Making Seed Balls and Scattering Seeds for Wildtending

The Druid's Garden

Dried seed balls ready for tossing! Dried seed balls ready for tossing!

This is the last post (for a while) in my series on wildtending. In the last month, we’ve explored the philosophy of wildtending as a sacred action, explored the refugia garden principle, I shared my own refugia garden preparation and design, and finally, we are ready to start scattering the seeds!  Perhaps these seeds were gathered from the wilds, given as a gift from a friend, or perhaps, they were gathered from a refugia garden.  Wherever you get them, now is the time to begin to scatter these amazing little balls packed with life, love, and magic.

Seed balls were invented by Fukuokoa and described in the permaculture classic, One Straw Revolution.  They have a number of benefits over other methods for scattering seeds.  First, and foremost, they are easy to throw and toss into spaces you can’t reach.  A lot…

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Make Your Art Commercial. Australian Fashion. Paisley Rats Design. Paisley Power News

Paisley Power

Do you have a painting or artwork you would like to see as a repeating pattern? I provide Photoshop services to several artists, which enables their art to be printed as fabric & wallpaper. Here is « Hearts » by artist Este MacLeod, with my adapted pattern on the right. I always use a half-drop layout when I create Este’s repeating patterns. Half-drop technique is a traditional method of designing, mainly for wallpapers. The new surface pattern design is suitable for textiles and other applications. Este will have a collection of quilting fabrics coming out later this year (2020).

"Hearts" painting (left) by artist Este Macleod with Photoshop assistance from designer Patrick Moriarty to create the repeating design (right)
« Hearts » painting (left) by artist Este Macleod with Photoshop assistance from Patrick Moriarty to create the repeating design (right)

Este asked me to make a repeating pattern from her original acrylic painting called Lindia’s Kitchen. The painting is off several items on a table. These include fruit and a milk jug, but…

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Ritual for the Burning of the World

The Druid's Garden

As I write these words, fires are ravaging Australia. It’s a bleak situation, ecologically and politically. The firest at this point are about the combined size of the entire state of West Virginia and are all through the entire continent, particularly along the coasts. Ecologically, this is a disaster with severe and long-ranging consequences for Australia and the world. While billions of lives have been consumed in the fires (animal, insect, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, plant and fungi), the Guardian reports that it is likely that numerous species will go extinct from the fires because sites that house critically endangered species are all burning—in some cases, all of the protected habitats of these species are on fire. The situation in Australia is being made worse by current Australian leadership, who, rather taking a firm stance on climate change and human causes, instead are digging in their heels and pandering to…

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