500 Paisley Power sales at Etsy online

Paisley Power

Due to the popularity of my unique Prince design and my Paisley Rats design, I have reached a total of 500 sales in my Etsy shop. My shop is called Paisley Power Shop and customers are confident buying my hand-made products because there are 108 excellent reviews posted online.

Sales of hand-made products and unique fabrics designed by Patrick Moriarty, have reached 500. The Paisley Prince Songbook zip bag is one of the popular products helping to reach this milestone of 500.
The milestone of 500 has been reached due to popular products such as the Prince zip bag.

The Paisley Prince Songbook zip bag is one of the popular products helping to reach this milestone of 500. Customers are very savvy these days and will buy products that have outstanding reviews and clear stylish product photos. I check every item carefully before it is dispatched. I want my customers to come back to my Etsy shop and buy more. In recent months I have been selling lots of fabric swatches at a low promotional price. People buy these fabric samples…

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Shield Bugs

rambling ratz

The recent warm weather in the UK has brought out a lot of insects in the garden. I spotted these green shield bugs getting friendly in the lilac flowers.2 green bugs mating in a purple flowerThe heady aroma of the lilac had clearly put them in the mood for romance.2 green bugs mating in a purple flowerphoto of green shield bug

These bugs are commonplace in British gardens, often basking on leaves in the sun. Being true bugs (see this post for further explanation here) they bite into the stalks of plants to drink the sap. However, they do not cause any significant damage. Their American cousins are known as stink bugs.

They hibernate through the winter as adults, then after mating, lay eggs underneath leaves. After hatching they go through a wingless nymph stage, before developing into the adult form. I found one nymph lurking in amongst my St John’s Wort.Photo of Green Shield Bug Nymph

It seems that these bugs are spreading north into Scotland due to the warming…

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The Druid’s Crane Bag

The Druid's Garden

A druid’s crane bag is a special bag, a magical bag, that many druids carry with them. Often full of shells, rocks, magical objects, feathers, stones, Ogham staves, representations of the elements, ritual tools, and much more, a crane bag is wonderfully unique to each druid! A few years ago, I shared a post about how to create a crane bag and a description of my bag at the time; today’s post revisits and deepens the treatment of this topic.  In this post, we’ll look at the concept of the crane bag and where it came from, four potential purposes for bags, and some tips and tricks for how to put them together and what they might include.  This is a wonderful part of the druid tradition that anyone, including those walking other paths, can enjoy!

My "ritual in a bag" crane bag, designed and created by me! My « ritual in a bag » crane bag, which I recently completed. 

Crane Bag…

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Ask Alloway!

Other Worlds

Ask Alloway: Expert Advice for the Confuzled and Bamboozled

A self-help book for rats and humans.

Have you ever wondered where you should hide your food stash? Or what to do when your wife starts flirting with a squirrel? Wonder no more. Alloway is here to answer your questions. 39664200.jpg

Warning: Alloway’s advice is often on the nose. Not suitable for young « hoomans » or little rattos.

Here is an interview with Alloway

Free to download from Lulu and Smashwords.

Print version available from Lulu and Amazon.

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