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via Worldwide Giveaway win a NEW premium cat toy from 4cats – September 2019 – Katzenworld


In the Event of a « Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH » Re-Boot: A Plea

Humanities and Humane-ity

Okay, it sounds like the same old thing everyone says: « But the book is better than the movie! » My feelings about Secret of NIMH are very mixed ones. I know there is a large number of Secret fans, and I’m not here to criticize the Bluth endeavour or try to challenge anyone’s fandoms. However, I will say that it is almost impossible to really think of the text and the movie as the same thing. Yes, there are similar names (except not, in terms of the Frisby-Brisby change), such as Nicodemus, Jeremy, Justin, and Jenner. Yes, Mrs. Frisby is trying to save her imperiled child. Yes, there are references to the ethics of animal testing involved. Beyond that, however, comparing the two is the epitome of the phrase « comparing apples and oranges. » Maybe I’m a little biased because I spent six years and three research trips researching Robert Conly (Robert…

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Sacred Tree Profile: Hawthorn (Lore, medicine, magic, and mystery)

The Druid's Garden

Hawthorn branches and leaves Hawthorn branches and leaves

In honor of Samhuinn, a festival of beginnings and endings, today we’ll explore the most sacred of trees–the hawthorn. This is the 6th post in my « Sacred Trees in the Americas » series where I examine abundant trees in the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the USA, exploring their many qualities: physical, magical, herbal, mythological, and so on.  Previous posts have include Eastern Hemlock, American Beech, Sugar Maple, Eastern White Cedar, and Hickory.  Each of these posts takes 20-30 hours to research and write, not to mention the countless hours I spend with the trees to understand them and share their stories as best I can.  And now friends, let’s enter the forest and visit the hawthorn.

There are few trees quite so enigmatic in either western herbalism practice or contemporary druidry as the sacred hawthorn—and this is the first of the…

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