Trip To Aquarium

Plants and Beyond

Spending time with a Friend and her lovely daughter was a real treat during one of these weekends. She introduced us to local Florida Aquarium and it was a great thing to visit on a scolding hot Summer day. Unbelievable what form of life is prevalent in deep waters. There are lots of creatures but will share the ones I never saw before.

I was so amazed at life that formed under water. As much as I marvel at the earthly nature, these water inhabitants were fascinating as well. Poor little fish was trapped inside the fish tanks and I thank them for dedicating their lives to human curiosity.

IMG_3665 Surprisingly very fast moving jellyfish


IMG_3670 Guess what that is? Haha. That is a baby jellyfish. Not waste 🙂 as I thought prior to being educated

IMG_3657 This octopus was changing colors from orange to blue. What a precious soul.

IMG_3653 Pink birds

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Hedgehogs Galore

How sad and beautiful is your post ❤

rambling ratz

The news about hedgehogs is rather depressing at the moment. Repeated studies suggest that our favourite wild native mammal is quietly disappearing from our lives. The latest study suggests that they are doing particularly badly in rural areas. It is lazy and ill informed to blame badgers as the survey shows that they too are absent in many of the same areas. Besides, badgers have predated hedgehogs and competed with them for food for thousands of years without putting a dent in the population. It is more likely that modern agricultural practices have produced a barren landscape for our wildlife.Photo of hedgehog

It now behoves those of us who have access to gardens and allotments to do what we can to help hedgehogs. We should avoid poisons such as slug pellets and pesticides; leave a wild patch including log piles and leaves; plant a variety of flowers that attract insects and make…

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The Plant Spirit Oracle Project

The Druid's Garden

Spirit of the Oak! Spirit of the Oak from the Plant Spirit oracle!

As we’ve been exploring over the last few weeks, plant spirit communication can take many forms.  The rustle of leaves outside of your window, the inner knowing, or the song a plant sings to you as you honor it for the harvest. These simple messages weave a complex landscape beyond what we can sense with our fives senses, and invite us deeper into the mysteries of the earth and all living beings. And as we’ve explored, the voices of the plants, the spirits of the plants, take a number of forms and can appear to each of us uniquely. What is clear is that the more that we open ourselves up to understanding them, honoring them, and working with them, the more connection we have with the living earth in her many forms.

Part of the reason I’ve been sharing so…

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Edible Cranberry Hibiscus Shrub

Plants and Beyond

It is so very nice to have kind and caring friends. It is a rarity nowadays to come across a genuine person. Although, a rarity of homegrown food should be a thing of the past and a way of wholesome life. 


Yesterday, super fun, honest and sweet friend brought her own homegrown cranberry hibiscus for my family to try. I was quite surprised and amazed to taste a real flower brewed in the freshly boiled tea cup and not an old store-bought tea packet. The deep maroon color is spectacular, authentic and the taste is quite potent. Just a couple of brightly colored hibiscus flower leaves will do perfectly for a home-brewed cozy tea beverage.


Very grateful to have this dear person, who restores my faith in humanity; moreover grateful for being inspired to write this post. Because of the authentic lady friend, these beautiful edible flowers are being shared…

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Magical Sunset

Beautiful 🙂

Plants and Beyond

This sunset was truly magical. Thank you my sweet pooches for taking me outside to get refreshed and mystified. If you, my furry angels, would not take your mommy for an evening stroll, this nature’s gift and beauty would not be witnessed here.


Get outside, dear friends. Obsorbe the Nature’s bounty and rebalance your spirits.


Vitamin G is waiting for you. Ground yourself and release all the unwanted energy.


Feel renewed and refreshed.


Have a magical day, my friends.🖼


All photographs belong to Luda


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Fitall Plug

rambling ratz

This is a deviation from my usual nature based posts and is one for the historical electrics geeks out there. Going through Grandpa Ratz’ impressive collection of tools we found this handy gadget; a Loblite Fitall plug.Photo of Fitall plug

By moving the black plastic lever, brass pins would drop down in different configurations to fit into the varying types of sockets that were around during the 1960s. Apparently there were 5A, 13A and 15A sockets in those days. From reading discussions by people who used Fitall plugs it seems to be an electric shock waiting to happen.Photo of Fitall plug with pins dropped out

It also seems to not live up to its marketing hype either; I quote from the wonderful Museum of Plugs and Sockets: « The Fitall plug is useless for Wylex or Dorman & Smith sockets. » So much for fitting all! You can read many more details about this plug, with lots of photos…

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Redesigned Hedgehog Feeder

rambling ratz

A while ago I made a simple hedgehog feeding station out of a plastic storage box. This meant that the local hedgehogs could dine in the warm and dry. It also kept the neighbourhood cats from eating the food before the hedgehogs could. All except for one very slinky tortie.Photo of hedgehog in feeding station

I experimented with a number of obstacles to thwart this cat.

I decided to make a new hedgehog feeding box with a different design. I used another plastic storage box and the plastic tube that blank DVDs are stored in.Photo of platic box and tube

I cut the end off the DVD tube to make a tunnel and cut a hole in the side of the box (my first design had the hole cut in the end). I then wedged the tunnel into the hole so that half of it protruded into the box to give a narrow turning angle once in the box, and…

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