689: Signed book by Liz Climo

Authors for Grenfell Tower: An Online Auction


ITEM: A signed copy of « Lobster is The Best Medicine »

DETAILS:  Liz will sign & personalize a copy of her second comic compilation, as well as draw your favorite animal or character inside!

BIO: Liz is a children’s book author & illustrator, and is best known for her Rory The Dinosaur series & her popular online comics, which can be found at TheLittleWorldofLiz.com. Liz also works in animation as an artist on « The Simpsons »

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.

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Taking up the Path of the Bard, Part II

The Druid's Garden

Creativity is the singing of the soul.  When we create, we draw from the deepest parts of who we are and express ourselves to the world.  The act of creation, the drawing forth and connecting to our inner selves, is the joy involved in creativity.  Having something nice in the end, to me, seems like a bonus! I believe this act of channeling the awen is not only inherently spiritual, it is also part of what it means to be human.  But to allow our souls to really sing, we have to grow comfortable with what we create, we have to set aside our judgement, and and to grow our skills as bards.

Last week, I explored what the bardic arts are, the cultural challenges associated with the bardic arts, and some ways community groups circumvent said challenges.   We looked at the creative spirit of children, and how that spirit…

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GREEM 21: mon petit guide pour s’habiller responsable

Échos verts

Je savais que me constituer une garde-robe écologique, éthique et minimaliste serait un défi de taille. Je savais que cela me prendrait des années. Ce que je n’avais pas anticipé, c’est la quantité de paramètres à prendre en compte lors de l’achat d’un article textile pour s’assurer que celui-ci soit aussi éthique et écologique que possible… Plus je m’informais, plus je désespérais en me disant que jamais je n’arriverais à me constituer la garde-robe éco-éthique et minimaliste idéale!

Finalement, inspirée par la méthode Wear No Evil de Greta Eagan, j’ai décidé de mettre au point ma propre formule pour guider mes futurs achats vestimentaires responsables. J’ai d’abord fait une liste des critères qui selon moi contribuent à rendre un article textile plus éthique et/ou écologique. À partir de là, je me suis posée deux questions:

  1. Comment puis-je faire en sorte que cette longue liste de critères intimidante me motive…

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A chat with Dan and Whisky from The Tuxedo Cat

The Purrfect Job

Did you know in the UK Black and white cats spend on average ten days longer waiting to be adopted from shelters than cats of different colours?

I learn about this information from this fabulous website the Tuxedo Cat.

I was in shock when I discovered the figure. Can’t say I am surprise though. If you have ever visited any animal shelters in Ireland, situation is very similar, you will see a lot of black and white cats waiting to be adopted while ginger or tabby cats are usually adopted very quickly.

I had an enjoyable chat with the website owner Dan recently and here is our conversation.

A = Alice
D = Dan

A: I can see you have a special passion towards tuxedo cat. Tell us more about them?

D: Here are 5 fun facts about Tuxedo cats taken from the Tuxedo Cat UK website:

  1. Beethoven, Sir Isaac…

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