Medicine Making and Sacred Herbalism at Lughnassadh

Natural medicine is the best :p

The Druid's Garden

I love celebrating the druid wheel of the year.  Its just an amazing experience to dedicate eight days to magic, ritual, being outdoors, studying, reading, meditation, gardening, and other sacred activity. I had the most wonderful day today making so many medicines from fresh ingredients. Just like at the summer solstice, Lughnassadh is a fantastic time for gathering bright, beautiful herbs, so today I spent most of the day gathering and preparing plants for medicinal use. I thought I’d share so that you have a sense of what herbs are in season right now and what they can be used for.  Since I’m trying to replace any over-the-counter medicine with locally gathered or my own home grown herbs, I’m trying to lay in a really good stock of herbs before winter (then I can continue to make things in the wintertime).  Once I have a better sense of…

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Tawny Owl

Don’t miss this amazing article from my friend 🙂

rambling ratz

At the end of last summer we became aware that there was a female tawny owl  Strix aluco, in the vicinity. We often heard her distinctive « keewik » call in the early hours of the morning. It is more of a shriek whereas the male tawny owls make the more familiar hooting of owl in winter trees

I thought it odd that a woodland owl should be hanging around suburbia, although we do have some mature trees in our garden the rest of the neighbourhood seem to enjoy taking chainsaws to theirs.  There is also a new housing estate being built behind us. We do live near to the Bulmers’ cider factory so perhaps that provided a plentiful supply of of tawny owl in tree

To my surprise one winter morning while taking flash photos of the bare tree branches (I was trying to get a spookily atmospheric photo) I noticed a large shape swoop into the tree…

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How To Enhance Your Style?

DOMINIQUE (16 of 26)Photography of 3C Style by Cordova
Do you wear your clothing the exact same way each season? Has your hairstyle changed in the past 10 years? Do you long to be more confident and stylish in outfits that reflect the image you want to send back to the world?
Feeling put-together is less complicated than it seems. Follow these three tips below and never, ever get stuck in a style rut again.
Firstly, I’d love to take you back in time… When I first started blogging. Back then, I thought the Bohemian style was not for me. I mean, the hippiesh groove of the late ’60s and ’70s was long gone, right? I must admit, It looked nice on Kate Moss but somehow I didn’t think the Boho look would fit me. Well, that’s before I gave a try to Boho Chic.

See how I looked back then, HERE

1. Try…

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