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Amanda Barnes Textile Artist

That’s the new range. I know, I know, I’ve had at least 20 new ranges this year, Angel Mice, Cosplay Mice, the Artists etc but I think that’s what you have to do in this line of work, constantly evolve and try new things. I don’t want you lovely lot to get bored now do I?

First up are the meeces! Both made of gorgeous Harris Tweed and with individual decorations, including a bead necklace and a headdress of ribbon roses a la Frida Kahlo.

Then came the fox and the badger…

And then of course, being the owner of one of these strange beasts, I had to make a Frenchie!

You can now buy my little creations directly from this blog via Paypal, so why not treat yourself! Or if you prefer, head over to my etsy page for more information!

I’m still adding stock to the shop but…

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Hairy Shieldbugs

rambling ratz

It is a good job I am too lazy to dead-head my purple bee lavender. They provide the perfect camouflage for these shieldbugs.Photo of shieldbug

I believe they are hairy shieldbugs, formerly called sloe shieldbugs, Dolycoris baccarum.  They are covered in tiny hairs, and have distinctive banding on their antennae and connexivum. During the summer they are more of a purple colour becoming browner as we head into autumn.Photo of shieldbug

They overwinter as adults, often nestling in dead leaves. Despite their former name they don’t have a penchant for blackthorn, but can be found on a large range of plants.

I also spotted this speckled bush cricket on my rhododendron. I think I might have startled her as she proceeded to take a poo.Photo of speckled bush cricket

I can tell that she is a female by the large scimitar shaped ovipositor, for laying eggs, at the back end.

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Sacred Tree Profile: Sassafras’ Medicine, Magic, Mythology and Meaning

Sadly we don’t have this here 😦 would be wonderful to test the tea 😉

The Druid's Garden

The fall months are coming and the leaves here are just beginning to turn.  Apples are starting to ripen, nuts are starting to fall. And with a quiet walk through the fall woods, you might be lucky enough to see a sassafras (sassafras albidum) in her fall splendor. She will be decked head to toe in yellow, orange, red, purple, and magenta; an old sassafras tree in full fall foliage is certainly a sight to behold. With her wavy trunk and twisted branches, Sassafras makes no apologies about her ability to stand from the crowd.  Her four variable leaf patterns (mittens (right or left), single leaves, double mittens) help show her flexibility and charm. While Sassafras is not present in the traditional Ogham or other Western Magical Traditions as she is distinctly an American magical tree, she is a powerful tree with much to offer us.

An ecoprint I made of the variety of sassafras leaves An ecoprint I made…

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Hawkweed Hoverers

Great 🙂

rambling ratz

In keeping with our tradition of having more plants blooming on the paths than in the borders, the paving cracks are bursting forth with these cheery yellow hawkweed of cat's ear

Hawkweeds are related to dandelions and are members of the Asteraceae family, genus  hierakion. The name is derived from the Greek word for hawk, hierax, folklore has it that hawks drank the juice of this plant to sharpen their eyesight.  There are many different species of hawkweed and a great deal of variation within them. The only one that I can confidently identify is the orange hawkweed, Pilosella aurantiaca, commonly known as « fox and cubs ». It is a beautiful wildflower that is in the RHS top 400 perfect plants for pollinators.Photo of fox-and-cubs

The delightfully named mouse ear hawkweed was a folk medicine for coughs. The apothecary to James I, John Parkinson, also suggested it as a sedative for horses, ‘Mouseare’…

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Cats vs Baby – No, you don’t need to get rid of the cat

The Purrfect Job

In the past 7 years of my career, one of the common things I have come across is people contact me and tell me they need to ‘get rid’ of their cats because they are now pregnant.

‘Pre-mother me’ wanted to yell at these people, but I felt I wasn’t qualified to criticise them.

Then I had my baby…

Now it has become my new mission in life to educate these people.

To top it off, I have since qualified as a doula. So…yes, I know quite a bit about babies and about the difficulty of being a new parent, etc. I think I am now qualified to talk on this subject matter. In fact, since the words got out that I am a cat behaviourist AND a doula, I have been getting many calls on cats vs baby. It has accidentally become  my speciality!

(If you are one of these…

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To the Person Who Ran Over my Cat…

Musings of an Indie Imp

His name was Henry.  But then, if you had stopped to help him, you would have known that from the tags on his collar.

I don’t know whether it was his fault because he simply spooked and jumped out in front of you leaving no time to stop, or whether you were going too fast. The vet who did the post-mortem said you were…and that you knew you hit him. Is that true? We’re you being reckless? Maybe you were drunk?  There are a lot of things I don’t know about his end, because you just left him.  Only you and Henry know what happened that tragic night.

What I do know is that an integral member of our family bled out from internal injuries alone in the night, without anyone there to comfort him as he left this world; and that’s a heart-wrenching picture that I will never be able to…

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