The Samhain of our Lives

The Druid's Garden

Just last week, we had our first hard frost. After homesteading for a number of years, you grow to be vigilant for the signs of the first frost. The air smells different somehow in the two or so weeks leading up to it. The bird and wildlife patterns change.  The nights have a crisp bite to them that they didn’t even a few days before. And then, just like magic one day, the frost is there, glistening in the morning light. The garden radically changes overnight–even for those things you covered–the entire landscape lies in disarray.

Sunrise at First Frost Sunrise at First Frost

I could feel it on the air, and for the last few mornings, have been going to to see if it had arrived. That morning, I turned the corner and first saw it first on the strawberry patch–white and glistening. The frost is beautiful, magical, and yet, destructive. While the…

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The Witch Is In

Plants and Beyond

Not their Mommy, but a Witch. This is what my dear teenagers call me when I am writing, creating and working on my blog posts.


It is Autumn, but not quite the festive end of October Halloween Holliday yet. My increasingly annoyed and bored kids are placing Witch signs all over my office.




They try to get my attention, in vain.

Boredom is healing for hardworking school students, I contemplate. Monotony makes you think of imaginative ways of turning your precious free time into actual FUN. You, my darling mouthy teenagers, are wholeheartedly enjoying your sunny weekend days, DOING NOTHING. Too bad, you can’t recognize how fortunate you are to live in the moment.

Your Mom, for example, reestablished her lifelong passion for writing and turned it into a new way of Blogging. It takes time, focus, perseverance and untangling of multiple thoughts to chronologically type them…

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Plants and Beyond

Human’s imagination has no bounds. These sensual dresses on paper are good enough to eat and appear as the feast for the eyes. What a creative way to use edible plants as art and fashion. 

pineappledressdaisydressgrapedressfigdressraddishdresslettucedresspomegranet dress

Thank you, Modacil for this inspiring plants vs fashion post. See the rest of them here:

via CREATIVE FASHION — Moda-Creative thinking

See the rest of them here:

Hope your inspiration reaches new heights and carries you through the day, dear friends.


All photographs here do not belong to Luda, but to Modacil.


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A Druid’s Guide to Herbalism, Part II: Preserving and Preparing Sacred Plant Medicine

The Druid's Garden

The moonlight shines through the window in my kitchen as I carefully use a mortar and pestle to grind dried herbs for making tea.  Candlelight softly illuminates the space, and I have my recipe book with me, ensuring that I record everything that I’m doing for future use. Magic is in the air; working in a sacred space at a sacred time on the Fall Equinox ensures that these medicines will be potent, effective, and magical. On the counter, I’ve already finished my fresh New England Aster flower tincture; this keeps my lungs in good health and helps me manage my chronic asthma without pharmaceuticals. A pot of olive oil is infusing with herbs is on the stove; I am getting ready to add beeswax and pour it off into small jars.  This healing salve will be for friends and family as Yule gifts.  The kitchen is bursting with good…

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A Druid’s Guide to Herbalism, Part I:Harvesting by the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and Sacred Intent

The Druid's Garden

Field of Goldenrod in Fall Field of Goldenrod in Fall

A field of goldenrod, nettle, and aster greet me on this warm post- Fall Equinox day.  As the moon comes up with a sliver in the afternoon sky, I joyfully take my basket and harvest knife into the field for my fall plant preparations. The breeze has change on the air–winter is coming soon, and the sacred medicines I prepare will bring my family nourishment and strength for the coming dark half of the year. As we are well into the harvest season at this lovely Fall Equinox, I thought I’d take the time to talk about harvesting and preparation by the sun and moon and honoring the harvest. Next week, I’ll talk about the most basic plant preparations and we’ll end this series with talking about energetic preparations through the creation of flower and leaf essences.  That is, we’ll talk about the medicine of…

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Behind the scenes with 3C Style!

The Arty Plantsman

Ever looked at a fashion blog and wondered what happens at a photo shoot? Imagining an entourage of assistants, make up artists etc?  I know I did, so I was fascinated to be involved in taking photos for my beloved friend, the gorgeous Dominique of 3C Style, during my recent visit to Montreal. You can see the end results of some of these shoots on Dominique’s recent ‘When Fashion and Nature Collide – October 2018

Essential supplies.

It appears that the only essential requirements, besides a model and photographer are:

Car full of clothes.

Diet Coke. This appears to be 3C Style’s primary source of sustenance and energy.

Chips/Crisps. Though not as essential as the coke, it appears that 3C Style is also addicted to salty snacks.

Spray bottle of water (see later).

Places to get changed. These vary from bathrooms to the…

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Weather Prognostication and the Wooly Bear Caterpillar

The Druid's Garden

In the last week, I’ve seen almost 50 wooly bear caterpillars. These caterpillars are also known as « wooly caterpillar », « bear caterpillar » and « wooly worms » (latin: phyrrhartica isabella). These fuzzy, brown and black caterpillars come out just as the weather grows cold. I often find hidding in woodpiles or garden mulch getting ready to hibernate till the spring. The cold seems to summon them forth–you see nothing of them all summer, and then, a few weeks before Samhain they are everywhere. And, dear readers, they are here with a message.

These caterpillars, not unlike other famous wildlife in the area, have long been known to predict the harshness of winter. If a wooly bear caterpillar has more brown than black, that means the winter is mild. But, if the caterpillar has more black than brown, the winter will be tough. Here’s a graphic I made to share this wooly bear caterpillar…

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When Fashion and Nature Collide – October Edition

I love Halloween, a colourful celebration that punctuates autumn with a touch of pleasant madness. No tricks, just lots of treats! That is what you’ll find in our October edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. This Halloween issue holds a special meaning as all the fashion photos were done by my dear friend Darren while he was visiting Montreal. He captured the beauty of my hometown like a Pro! A big thanks goes to another friend of ours, Dee-Dee, who’s patience and laughter gives us renewed energy. Thankfully, she even helped us carrying all the clothing and accessories for the shoot. Also, I want to point out that there are three spider pictures in this issue. These peculiar yet stunning creatures are more beautiful than frightful, but if you have an arachnophobia be warned. We guaranteed thrills, but not creepy ones. We propose to you lots of fashion fun and…

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