Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 96)

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Hello everyone,

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Ch31YFfWMAAUw3HThese two cuties were entered by one of our Twitter friends! 🙂

P1040981 2

This stunning coon cat is one of the two cats regularly seen on Two On A Rant by floridaborne 🙂

SummertimeBliss_web 2

This is another great shot of Vittorio ~ niño. His human mum runs the amazing page Catkind!

This cutie joins us from Anibundel: Pop Culturess

Playful from…

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CATB: Bliss

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Hi everyone,

As promised please find below the first of the posts from Cats at the Bar! 😀 And today is extra special as it’s a nice teaser for Tummy Rub Tuesday! Don’t forget if you’d like your cat to appear on the Blog or TRT you can always email us info@katzenworld.co.uk


Blissful rest as only a cat can show.

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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rambling ratz

The Geranium macrorrhizumare trying to escape. They are squeezing through the railings and cascading over the wall!Photo of geraniums

The bumblebees still managed to catch them though. When bees fly they build up a positive electrostatic charge, whereas flowers have a negative one. When a bee approaches a flower the difference in the charges causes a spark in the electrostatic field. New research shows that this electrostatic energy causes the bee’s hairs to move. These vibrations from the hairs are picked up by the bee’s nervous system and the bee can then interpret these signals.Photo of bumblebee in flower

As you can see, bees and flowers are in such harmony. As the bee feeds, so its fluffy bum is picking up a load of pollen, ready to be dabbed onto the next flower. And now we know that they « chat »!Photo of bumblebee in flowerI think this might be a garden bumblebee, Bombus hortorum. I was confused by…

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It’s Playtime! Mia & Egg Review JML’s Cat’s Meow

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When JML sent me the Cat’s Meow to test in exchange for my (or should I say, my cats’) honest opinion, I couldn’t wait to get it set up because I’d heard such good things about it from other cat owners.

In fact, Egg was interested before I even opened the box…


The Cat’s Meow is an interactive toy which uses a motorised ‘mouse tail’ underneath a canvas to imitate a prey animal, swinging back and forth with random changes in direction and speed (to stop clever kitties predicting where it’s going to go next).

All you’ll need are 3 x LR14/C batteries, which aren’t included with the toy. Once the box was opened and the exciting contents were revealed, Mia decided she’d have a look too…


While the girls were both interested in all the different parts, once it was put together and turned on, they weren’t so…

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