Dexter & Floki: Fun with the Catit Super Circuit

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One of the main issues that I have had in introducing my new kitten Floki to my resident cat Dexter is they play fights. Dexter is a very chilled cat, and with a slow, planned introduction there has been no hissing, no anger, no aggression. (All of those are quite common given how territorial cats are, and for this reason I wouldn’t recommend getting a second cat unless you have a very relaxed resident kitty) What did start to emerge however as little Floki got bolder (and not so little anymore!) is a realisation of the difference in their energy levels. Floki wants to play, play, play all day (and night!) long and it’s too much for Dexter. He may only be three years old, but he doesn’t appreciate his tail being used as a scratch toy! For this reason I have doubled the toys in the house, and even…

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Location, Location, Location

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Hello again,

I’m very excited to share a new cat product called a Vesper V-High Lounger ,but before I tell you about it I wanted to give you some information on us Cats. You may think we may not like some cat furniture or beds but it’s all about location for us cats. Some cats love to by a window and some others might want a dark quiet space to nap. I suggest to move in different parts of your house for a couple of days each and sit back a watch what we like or don’t like. Sometimes it takes a few weeks so just have some patients. I think it is important information to have as a cat owner. Now let me get back to telling you about this Pawsome Vester V-High Lounger.


I received this huge box from Vesper and I got so excited that I couldn’t wait…

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Hedgehogs at Dawn

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Dawn this morning was a rather bright pink affair. We usually perceive the sky as blue because when sunlight hits small molecules such as oxygen and nitrogen, the shortest wavelengths of light, the blues and purples get scattered. At sunrise and sunset the sun is at a different angle and the light takes a longer path through the atmosphere meaning that much of the blue wavelengths have been scattered before we see them, leaving us with the red wavelengths. Animals that can see different parts of the spectrum to us, such as ultraviolet, will see the sky very differently to us.Photo of sunrise

As for the saying « Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s (sailor’s) warning. »; in the UK, generally speaking, weather systems come in from the west. A red sunrise indicates that high pressure has already moved east to be followed by a low pressure wet and windy system moving in behind…

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Mining Bee

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I have been informed that this little bee is probably a mining bee of the genus Andrena.Photo of mining bee

There are approximately 65 different species of these in the UK alone and they are apparently difficult to ID down to this level, so I shall not even attempt to do so. However, if anyone is able to from my photos I would be grateful for the information.Photo of mining bee

They often dig a nest in lawns or paths, but don’t cause any problems for the lawn. They also have a very weak sting and are non-aggressive.Photo of mining bee

They are known as solitary bees as they do not live in a colony, although they may nest within close proximity to other solitary bees. They are considered to be more efficient pollinators than honey bees. There is more information about solitary bees here.Photo of mining bee

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 100)

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. 😀

And today is a very special TRT! It’s number 100!

To commemorate this, Oliver’s video inviting you all to rub his tummy is back! 🙂

The easiest way to join TRT is by sending us photos to Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use. Additionally we have set up a linky app if you don’t want to make your photo public just yet. Click here for this.


If you haven’t met Shrimp you should check out hairballexpress! Two fur friends run that blog and make sure their human gets some time to relax. 😉


Artemis is back and he sure needs a…

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