Sacred Tree Profile: White Pine’s Medicine, Magic, Mythology, and Meanings

The Druid's Garden

White Pine Towering in a Conifer Forest at Parker Dam State Park, PA White Pine Towering in a Conifer Forest at Parker Dam State Park, PA

In the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) legend, there was a terrible conflict between five different nations of people. This conflict was rooted in cycles of pain, revenge, and chaos. A messenger of peace sent from the Great Spirit, the « Peacemaker, » sought to unite the five warring tribes. After convincing them to unite, they came together to make peace, but they still carried their weapons. The Peacemaker uprooted a White Pine tree and had them throw all of their weapons into the hole. He then replanted the tree, and the underground waters carried away the weapons. On the tree, the needles grew in clusters of five, to represent the five nations who came to find peace. The roots of the tree spread out in four directions, to the north, south, east and west; the roots are called the roots…

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Making Beeswax / Recycled Wax Candles – Dipping and Pouring Instructions with Photos!

The Druid's Garden

As I’ve argued in this blog before, we should take every opportunity, as druids and other earth-centered spiritual people, to create sustainable practices. This should also extend to our use of ritual tools and other everyday objects. Last week, I learned how to do just this with regards to earthen candleholders and beeswax candles when I attended another workshop at the Strawbale Studio.  I wanted to share that knowledge here, with the hopes that others can see how easy it is to make their own candles from locally available materials!

Candles on rack at workshop! Candles on rack at workshop!

Sources for wax: Unlike parafin wax, which is created from petroleum, beeswax is a local, sustainable material that you can get from a local beekeeper or your own hives, if you choose to keep bees.  Around here, beeswax goes for about $10/lb from local sources.  Not only is it local and renewable, it also…

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Snowy Garden

rambling ratz

If I haven’t already bored you with my photos of snow in hereford parts one and two, brace yourselves for more of the white stuff.Photo of snowy fence

Even a dull suburban garden can be turned into a Narnia type winter wonderland.Photo of snowy garden

The evergreen yew tree was groaning under the weight of the snow. Photo of snow laden yew tree

It sprang back afterwards, demonstrating why yew was used to make longbows as it can bend under a lot of tension without snapping.

The deciduous apple tree having shed its delicate leaves was able to take the weight on its sturdy branches.Photo of apple tree in snow

The apple tree also provided some shelter under which I provided food and fresh water for the birds.

And the squirrel.Photo of squirrel on snowy tree

The squirrels were busy in other parts of the garden also.

There were some impressive icicles on the buildings.Photo of icicles

There were also icicles on the plants.Photo of icicles on ivy berries

And clumps of icy snow adorning most surfaces.

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Fifty Friday Facts For Fifty Followers

Amazing 🙂

The Arty Plantsman

Actually, I wrote this a few weeks ago when I first hit 50 followers so it is getting rapidly out of date (now past 70 followers 🙂 ). When my friend Kylee hit 50 followers she made a list of 50 facts about herself. With her kind permission I have borrowed the idea. I am a little worried it leaves me nothing to say in future!

In the intervening time I have removed some things I decided I was not comfortable sharing, and added some new stuff. It should give you a good idea of what I am like and I have tried to infuse it with my warped sense of humour…

  1. I am a lifelong vegetarian.
  2. I didn’t go to my own 18th birthday party.
  3. Bullying of any kind makes my blood boil. I detest bullies. Ignorance and upbringing is not an excuse.
  4. I work as an analytical…

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Catsmas Gift Guide

The Purrfect Job

It’s hard to believe Catsmas is just around the corner but here we are…

I don’t care for Christmas very much myself. Especially since I started working as a cat sitter, Christmas is always a stressful time for me. Holiday season usually means 16 hours day for those of us in the pet sitting industry.

Having said that, for a bit of fun, I have complied a list of gift list for you all – both for cat lovers and cats! Enjoy!

For Cats

1. Cat house by Mau Katz


Look at this amazing cat house by Mau Katz! I discovered this website recently where they are lots of amazing stylish ‘cat stuff’! Who said cat stuff can’t be stylish? Check it out.

2. Cat Dancer


Cat dancer is the best selling, affordable and durable cat toy. Made in USA. Amazing!

3. Da Bird


Da Bird is a…

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Snow! In Hereford!

What a lovely article 🙂

rambling ratz

It’s not that it never snows in Hereford, but it seems to be becoming increasingly rare. When it does snow it tends to be fleeting and doesn’t stick.Photo of snow

However, 10th December 2017 in the wee small hours it started to snow and it didn’t stop all day. I decided to take a short walk early in the morning as I hadn’t been expecting it to last. The street lights were still lit illuminating the falling snow.Photo of snow

Hereford is situated in what meteorologists call a « rain shadow area ». Most of our weather is blown in from the Atlantic, the moist air hits the Welsh mountains where it is forced to rise. The barometric pressure is lower at high altitudes which has a cooling effect. This condenses the moist air into water droplets which are shed as rain or, when it is very cold, snow. Once over the Welsh mountains the less…

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December 2017 Supermoon

Nice =) as usual love the pic with the bird ❤

rambling ratz

December 3rd 2017 saw the only Supermoon (perigee syzygy) of 2017. Photo of moon

Regular readers will know that I have a difficult relationship with moon photography, but that doesn’t stop me making yet another attempt and sharing the results, no matter how ropey.Photo of moon

The elliptical path the moon takes around the Earth sometimes brings it closer to us, this is the meaning of the term perigee. When it coincides with a full moon, it is known as a Supermoon. Syzygy is the Greek term for « yoked together » and refers to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth being aligned; we see a full or a new moon when this occurs.Photo of moon

A supermoon appears slightly larger and brighter than a regular moon, though it is difficult to discern the difference.Photo of moon

There will be two supermoons in January 2018 on the 1st and the 31st. The latter will also be a blue moon (the…

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