Cat Calendar 2019 by artist Alex Hubbell

Wahouuu amazing :p

The Purrfect Job

I recently discovered artist Alex Hubbell and her calendar project and thought I would share with you guys!

Alex has been painting her barn cat Petunia almost every day over the past year. Using the work, she’s made a cat calendar for 2018. Check out these amazing work of art!

Now she’s at it again, but for the 2019 calendar, she is going to paint other people’s cats. Does your cat have a story to share? Join this project on Kickstarter and get your cat to be featured on the calendar 2019!

Twelve cats will be chosen from all submissions, and Alex will create an original artwork based on the winning kitties for each month in 2019.

If calendars are not your thing but you like Alex’ work, the good news is she also accepts commission work!

Something like this…


Incredible, right?

Each commission comes with a Skype or Phone consultation…

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November Colour

Lot of beautiful pics 🙂 always a pleasure to see your articles :p

rambling ratz

After so many storms there doesn’t seem to be many colourful autumnal leaves left on the trees. However, there is still autumn colour to be found. The smoke tree seems to have managed to retain most of its leaves, sheltered by the conifers.Photo of smoke tree autumnal leaves

A snapdragon plant that I bought cheaply from a DIY store on account of it being nearly dead has made a remarkable recovery despite my care and has started to flower.

The last of the cyclamens are blooming on the lawn.Photo of cyclamen

The golden rod has gone to seed and is now more of a silvery rod.

Michaelmas daisies are paying no heed to the religious calendar.Photo of michaelmas daisies

There is always herb Robert to be found.Photo of herb Robert

The purple bee lavender is looking glorious, but watch for lurking spiders when you admire it.

Evening primrose is the best substitute for the missing yellow disc in the sky.Photo of evening primrose

Fox and cubs…

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Depression- On a Need to Know Basis.

Safe Space


Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Now, let me begin with a few facts and acknowledgements.

I know you mean well. I know that you want me to feel better and that you can see I’m in pain. I know depression is complicated and messy and dark. I know it’s hard to know how to help someone who is in its throes, but there is one thing that is absolutely certain:

Telling me to “choose happiness” or to “focus on the positives” isn’t, and never will be, good advice. In fact, it’s hurtful, invalidating, and downright harmful.

Depression just doesn’t fucking work like that.

You can’t will yourself to produce more serotonin or dopamine. You can’t kick the Prozac or Zoloft by thinking about how the sun is shining and that Beyonce and Jay-Z worked things out after “Lemonade” and now have beautiful twins. You can’t force the demons out of…

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A Cemetery Stroll

What a lovely article 🙂

rambling ratz

Photo of chapelAs it is nearly All Hallow’s Eve, the night when the souls of the dead are supposed to return to the mortal realm, I though it would be apposite to post about a cemetery stroll. This is especially true as I believe I am acquainted with more souls in Hereford Cemetery than in the rest of the City!Photo of cemetery

The last time I took you on a Graveyard Bimble it was the middle of summer. Now as we are well into autumn the place is even more windswept and barren.Photo of cemetery

I visited shortly after dawn on a rainy morn.Photo of tree

There is still autumn colour to be found.Photo of autumn leavesAnd the gardener had made good use of some ornamental grasses.Photo of cemetery gardenThe nearly bare trees made beautiful outlines against the moody skies.

« Grandpa Ratz » is the latest family member to book in to Hereford Cemetery’s bed and board. His flowers survived Storm Brian…

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Halloween shopping guide for cat lovers

The Purrfect Job

I don’t like Halloween and I explained why on my last post. But I know some of you love the festival so I figure I still need to take care of those of you.

If you love Halloween, you might want to check out these amazing cat theme Halloween products that I discovered browsing on the internet.

The artwork of Psycho Cat Collection by Jeff Haynie is so beautiful. They come in hoodies, shower curtain, necklace and many more. It’s ‘Halloween cat’, but not cliche kind if you know what I mean. It’s very creative. I like it.

On Etsy, there are a few lovely things I spotted too.

il_570xN.1315034140_9s3k il_570xN.1327487780_gbre 


If shopping is not your thing, then maybe you would love to do some Halloween cat theme cooking?


Check out Genius Kitchen for Black Cat Cookies Recipe.

READY IN: 20mins

1 cup…

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Vincent, 56 ans

Mémoire des morts de la rue

Le 14 mai 2017, un homme du nom de Vincent est décédé à l’angle de la rue Alésia et de la rue Didot, il s’agissait d’un homme sans domicile fixe. Là, il y avait un petit espace vide, non pas un espace vide, mais un angle de trottoir très large où plusieurs arbres étaient plantés ; c’était l’angle de la rue Alésia et de la rue Didot. Tout autour, des banques, surtout des banques : nous n’avons pas voulu dans un premier temps, y entrer pour poser des questions à propos de Vincent, comme nous avons l’habitude de le faire avec les riverains, parce qu’en vérité, nous pensions que les gens qui travaillent dans les banques sont bien les dernières personnes au monde à remarquer un homme comme Vincent, mais sans doute (et cela s’est confirmé plus tard), nous nous trompions.

Un employé de la banque BNP Paribas en effet, et c’est…

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