Hedgehog B&B – Part Three

Good end of the story for them :p

rambling ratz

Following on from Part One and Part Two, here is the eagerly awaited Part Three! The three hedgehogs had gained weight and the weather had finally settled. It was time to release the hogs. First of all I prepared three igloos, in addition to the one that was already out, so that they would have ready made beds. I placed them in sheltered parts of the garden.

I then gave them a final weigh-in and their final portraits as captives. Daisy-Boy.



As night fell, I undid the front panel and raised it to hedgehog height before re-securing it and moving the stones away from one corner. It took a little while for their escape route to be noticed, typically they missed the big gap in the corner and squeezed over some remaining stones. Daisy-Boy was the first to notice and pushed most of his body out…

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Yaourt sans produits laitiers ni soja


Héhé, l’article du jour est un atelier Faussaire Frankenstein ! Additionné d’un gros tas d’informations techniques, puisque vous avez l’air d’aimer ça ;-).


Les yaourts sont une excellente source de probiotiques, c’est à dire de micro-organismes vivants importants pour avoir une flore buccale, digestive et vaginale saine. Les probiotiques sont importants pour la digestion, mais aussi pour l’immunité.Voici un résumé de leur effet sur la santé. On trouve des probiotiques dans les aliments fermentés et conservés au frais : choucroute crue et autres légumes lactofermentés, yaourts, kéfir (de lait ou de fruits), tempeh, miso. On en trouve aussi dans des compléments alimentaires. Pour avoir un effet des probiotiques, il est recommandé d’en consommer au moins un milliard par jour pendant au moins 10 jours – facile, sachant qu’1 gramme de yaourt français contient au moins 0,1 milliard de bactéries vivantes.

Notons que

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Hedgehog B&B – Part Two

rambling ratz

In Part One I explained the background to my having three hedgehogs in a pen in my back garden. Here I shall tell you about the time they spent here. Photo of hedgehogs in pen

First we need proper introductions. When they arrived back to me they had been marked with nail varnish which was difficult to see especially from a distance. I was given instructions by my Twitter friend Monique on how to apply tags, she in turn got this information from Toni Bunnell who does a lot of research into hedgehogs. I cut some different colours of electrical sleeving to 1cm lengths, dabbed a spot of superglue inside the top edge of each and slipped them over a spine, taking care not to get any glue on the hedgehog’s skin. Amazingly I managed not to glue myself to a hedgehog.Photo of hedgehog id kit

Daisy, who turned out to be a boy and so is named Daisy-Boy…

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May Flowers

Amazing 🙂 love love

rambling ratz

Now that we are at the beginning of May I thought I would just quickly post some photos of what has been flowering recently. Starting with the lilac.Photo of lilac

The lilac contrasts nicely with the yellow laburnum blossoms.

The Spanish/hybrid bluebells have been posing with broom, tulips and primroses.

More tulips.

Purple bee lavender.Photo of purple bee lavender

Candytuft (iberis).Photo of candytuft

The bladder campion is starting to flower.Photo of bladder campion

The cuckoo pint looks interesting.

Greater celandine.

Forget-me-nots and strawberries are flowering all along the path around my alpine trough ….

…which is also doing well.

And the dog violets are still gracing the lawn.Photo of dog violet

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