Paisley-patterned Home Decor

OMG the wall paper is fab!!

Paisley Power

A « Paisley Positivity » table runner was bought by a customer. They chose the grey and white version of the design. The unique paisley design is also available as a tablecloth, dinner napkin, placemat, and tea towel.

« Paisley Positivity » table runner

Here is an image of a « Paisley Positivity » table runner designed by Patrick Moriarty. It’s such a subtle elegant paisley design in soft colors that it suits most dining rooms.

« Paisley Positivity » table runner

The aubergine version of the « Paisley Positivity » fabric was bought on March 30th, 2022 by a customer. Here is a photo of a sample of the printed fabric. The photo was taken by designer Patrick Moriarty.

Several customers have bought duvet covers made with this design. The fabric and duvet covers can be ordered from the PaisleyPower store at Spoonflower.

The aubergine version of the « Paisley Positivity » fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

There’s a 20%…

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« Paisley Rats » fabric

Paisley Power

A sample of the « Paisley Rats » fabric was bought on April 27th, 2022 by a customer on the Etsy shopping website. The design has large rat silhouettes and a white paisley pattern on a black background. The customer chose the black and white version printed on cotton.

« Paisley Rats » fabric

1 metre of « Paisley Rats » fabric was bought on April 29th, 2022 by a customer. They chose the small black and silver-grey version printed on cotton. It’s an ideal fabric for making fashion accessories. There are lots of different versions of the design in different scales and different colors to suit all different types of sewing projects. The large-scale versions are ideal for making duvet covers and curtains. The small-scale versions are best for making small fashion accessories including headbands, masks, belts, and pocket squares.

« Paisley Rats » fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

Here’s another photo of the Paisley Rats fabric…

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