New Business New Blog

I’m so proud to announce you I created a second blog for the launch of my business : Holeavestix

A blog destined to natural health care for humans and animals and for improve life’s quality for people with an EDS like me.

As I announced in a previous article, I have taken the last 2 years to study the field of natural health care and wellness for people with chronic illness as well as animal care.

Advice about improve life’s quality for people with an EDS will be base from my own experience and don’t exempt the follow-up of a specialist doctor. They should be used in addition to the treatments prescribed by your doctor and considered as another string in your bow.

Feel free to discover it on the next link:


Stretch marks

I saw that in 2015 Chrissy Teigen received more than 150 000 likes, 18000 retweet and lot of appreciation messages for posted her stretch marks on intagram.

Can mine receive so many engouement please ? Or mine aren’t they enough famous because I’m not a model and not married to a singer and composer?

When you are a celebrity all things you say or post are considered as beautiful or brave or inspiring. But when you are nobody it only seems disgusting or indecent.

If we need that a celebrity post something which is common for absolutely every woman in the world for consider that is acceptable to have some and show them, I wonder what it can mean about our society.

It seems like every day we have to fight a little harder to make things acceptable when they always have been.

Can you tell me when things like scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, hairy legs or cellulitis have become a reason to be ashamed to show a photo of us? When we have feeled the need to post a photo only of this topic as a reminder that it’s normal and is part of life?

Back to write!

I’m finally ready to write again, inspiration and motivation are back! Yeahh

But what I did during this long time without writing?

First: too many rescue, too many for my mental health, too many for my body, for my couple, for what I was supposed to support.

Let’s be clear i don’t regret anything! They needed me and I’m always grateful for be able to help rodents in detress.

But my life was only cleaning cage, socializing , free range cage per cage ( it can take 6 hours per days for let each cage have enough time to run and let me say that for them it’s never enough ), drive to the vet, ensure veterinary follow-up at home, spent so many money in pets that it was no possible for us to heat our living room ( always heater in the rodent room ).

And say goodbye too many time, especially to some of my heart rodents. Several time I thought I was going to die because it was so hurting, or perhaps it was just me who wanted for not suffer anymore.

This leads us to point two!

I had to struggle with mental health, food disorders, alcohol disorder ( not like you imagine, I only need 2 glass of wine or 1 or rhum for be sick the next day and « throw up my guts », stay in the bed all the day with migraine; but like you know you will be sick as the hell and still drink you know you have a problem ). I no longer opened the curtains because the light disgusted me. I cut off contact with everyone, with the pandemic, physical contacts were of course forbidden but I took the opportunity to cut myself off from people virtually too, it was so easy to isolate myself.

When I am in pain I am a devotee of self-torture.
When I haven’t succeeded in saving them all, or if I feel like that I have not done enough, that I deserve to suffer.

But finally I found the strength to come out of this and I’m still here!

But! It’s not only what I did during this long time and during the pandemic!

Then third: I took advantage of these last 2 years for study and graduate!

I’m proud to say now I’m a naturopath (for humans and animals), a phytotherapist, an energetic care and wellbeing practitioner.

I’m ready to stard my own business and start a new page of my life. Of course I will continue to do rescues but I will also take care of me and respect my limits. I still have at home several pets who need me and I need them too, they are my world, they are my rock.

I will start a second blog for my business. Some parts of it will be published here for all my sweet folowers!

I’m so happy and grateful to publish again!

See you soon WordPress Team!

With love,


PS: I forgot to say you that few weeks ago, I realised a dream I did a parachute jump!

June 2021 – Week One

rambling ratz

After a chilly damp May, June is starting out warm and sunny. The bees are enjoying the last of the Ceanothus.bee on blue flower

The cotoneaster flowers are still attracting bees also.bee on red flower

The dandelion like hawkweed flowers have suddenly appeared everywhere. They are also popular with bees. bee on yellow flower

The first of the wild strawberries are flowering, and attracting bees.bee on white flower

The bladder campion is also popular with our pollinators, but none posed for a photograph this time.white flowers

The broom flowers add a splash of yellow. I have never noticed any bees on these.yellow flowers

Like this blog author the dandelions have gone to seed. Blow and make a wish.white seed head

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