Why should every cat lover have an automatic feeder? Ultimate feeders comparison!

The Purrfect Job

I personally think every cat lover should have an automatic feeder.

They are handy for various reasons…

  1. If you are late home – If your cat needs to be fed on specific time and you know you are going to be late home that day, automatic feeder can save you the trouble to run home
  2. After work event – Same as above if you have commitments after work
  3. Saturday lay in – You can set up the feeder for Saturday morning so you don’t have to wake up early for their breakfast!
  4. Pace feeding – If your cat is one of those who will eat so quick and so much all in one go and then get sick. Having a feeder is a good way to slow them down. You can set it to open a couple of times a day so the cat can’t eat too much in one go.
  5. Natural…

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