On Keeping a Spiritual Journal

Wonderful 🙂 You make me want to do it

The Druid's Garden

Stack of some of my journals.... Stack of some of my journals….

Recently, I took some time to go back through the many spiritual journals I have kept on my journey deeper into the mysteries of the druid tradition and my relationship with nature. These journals spanned over a decade. They included a bit of everything: garden interactions, meditations, nature observations, events in my life of deep spiritual significance, recipes, notes from gatherings and visits, stories, experiences with rituals, and much more. I am so grateful to have kept these journals and re-reading them allowed me to rediscover so many pieces about that journey. They allowed me to see not only my own growth over time, but reminded me of important events and encouraged me further on my path.

Journaling and writing down one’s journey doesn’t come easy for many, and I, too, have to work at it!  Further, in working with those new to the…

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The Crane Bag: A Druid’s Working Tool

The Druid's Garden

One of the practices that is fairly consistent across different kinds of druidry today is a druid’s crane bag.  Traditionally, a crane bag was made from the skin of a crane, and served as a spiritual working tool for the druid.  Today, druids of many different paths create and carry such bags and use them for a multitude of purposes.

When I wanted to create a crane bag when I first became a druid seven years ago, I didn’t find a lot of clear information out there about how to go about it. I did find some general suggestions from the AODA (Druid’s Crane Bag).  A lot of what I learned in books and from talking to people wasn’t really tips but rather « do what you think is best for you. »  And while that philosophy is very much in the spirit of druidry, its also not all that…

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Embracing the Weeds: Weedwalking, Weedtending, Weedcrafting

The Druid's Garden

A great place for finding some good weeds! A great place for finding some good weeds!

Weeds. The term conjures up images of plants that are unwanted and unloved, the bane of township « noxious weed ordinances » and suburbanites, and the quiet recipient of so many unfounded assumptions. Yet these are the plants that are the best medicine, that give us regeneration and life in our soils. These are the plants that can grow in harsh conditions (dry conditions, drought, sidewalk cracks, even handle some chemical sprays) when so many others fail. These weeds are the plants that tend our wounds, that detoxify our bodies, that provide valuable forage for pollinators, that break up compacted soil, that heal our lands. Weeds also occupy a really important niche in our ecosystem–these are often nature’s healing plants, those who come in to begin the process of ecological succession so that nature can heal. We do everything to « avoid weeds » and yet…

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Yarn Invasion!

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We have been strangled up with yarn the last couple of months. Mom started to crochet and it seems if you buy one skein of yarn you are lost.

If I compare it with catnip addiction then I would say it is worse: it cost more money, it takes up a lot of space with all those skeins of yarn. Being a catnip addict is less expensive because your servant provides you with free catnip and it takes less space. (Unless you have a gazillion catnip toys like us)

One thing we find a benefit of yarn: it makes a perfect sleeping spot. Mom doesn’t agree. It is  leaving fur behind on her crocheted items… Amy find them the perfect butt warmers…

Amy is most of the time lucky. Me on the other hand get all kind of stuff on me. Here mom put one big rainbow scarf around my…

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Napping with Cats Infographic

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Hi everyone,

Today we have a fun infographic for you all on napping with your feline companion.

As we all probably know just to well we love to sleep with our cats near us but… some cats have the tendency to jump from cupboards on top of unsuspecting humans or worse haha!

So this cute infographic should give some tips and ideas.

Napping with Cats infographic by Mattress Online.

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Guest Star: The many faces of Benji

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Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Susanne and Benji:

The many faces of Benji

“Hey Benji,” I said.  “I’d like to take some pictures of you to submit to American Rescue Catsmagazine.  They’re looking for their next CoverCat.  You’d be perfect. Just pretend I don’t have a camera.”

“Sure!  Love to!”   he replied.  “How’s this?”

“Hmmmm,”  I said.  “Very nice.  Only I’m looking for something more relaxed.  Maybe you could tone it down just a bit.”

“Okay, okay.”  he said excitedly.  “I know exactly what you mean.  Something more like this?””

“Great Benji,”  I said. “Really good….  only …  well the eyes,  Benji.  Maybe we should forget the props and just go for a headshot.”

“Sure!”  he said.  “I can do it!  How about this?”

“Now Benji, don’t get me wrong.  It looks great but, well, I was thinking of something a bit more pensive…”

“Got it,” he said, jumping up to the desk.  “How’s this?” .


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A Busy Day for the Friday Art Cat

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Scratch noisily on metal vent to wake up the humans.
Ask for morning morsels.
Ask to go out.
Refuse to go out.
Ask to go out again.
Go back inside.
Observe the neighbor beagle from front window.
Stay inside all day. Too windy.
Take a nap on the guest bed pillows.
Catch and eat a fly.
Run head first in to discarded paper bag.
Spy on other cats from paper bag.
Take a sofa nap.
Ask for afternoon morsels.
Leave kitchen disgruntled after being denied.
Take another nap.
Chatter at robin perched on the patio.
Stand on human foot to get scruffs.
Demand morsels.
Ask to go outside by batting at the doorknob.
Keep an eye on suspicious birds.
Get unceremoniously carried inside by human.
Sit on human lap for pets.
Purr loudly.
Scratch carpet on stairs.
Run super-fast up stairs when caught scratching carpet.
Curl up in closet box bed for the night.

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