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The Druid's Garden

Sometimes, as druids and as nature-oriented people, we focus only on the fuzzy and happy parts of nature: blooming edible flowers, fuzzy soft rabbits, cute animals, soft mats of green moss, and shy deer. But nature isn’t just about things that are comfortable to us and that bring us joy and peace–nature is also about survival of the fittest, about defenses and predators, about huge storms, floods and destruction. I think its important that we learn about all aspects of nature, even those that don’t always make us comfortable.  Part of this is because nature is a reflection of ourselves–we have our dark parts, the parts we wish we could avoid or forget. And understanding these many pieces of nature, I believe, helps us better understand the complex mosaic that makes up any human being. But another part of this has to do with honoring nature–without connecting with the many…

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Vincent, 56 ans

Mémoire des morts de la rue

Le 14 mai 2017, un homme du nom de Vincent est décédé à l’angle de la rue Alésia et de la rue Didot, il s’agissait d’un homme sans domicile fixe. Là, il y avait un petit espace vide, non pas un espace vide, mais un angle de trottoir très large où plusieurs arbres étaient plantés ; c’était l’angle de la rue Alésia et de la rue Didot. Tout autour, des banques, surtout des banques : nous n’avons pas voulu dans un premier temps, y entrer pour poser des questions à propos de Vincent, comme nous avons l’habitude de le faire avec les riverains, parce qu’en vérité, nous pensions que les gens qui travaillent dans les banques sont bien les dernières personnes au monde à remarquer un homme comme Vincent, mais sans doute (et cela s’est confirmé plus tard), nous nous trompions.

Un employé de la banque BNP Paribas en effet, et c’est…

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Hint of Fall


Halloween Inspired Note Cards AdHello!

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The crisp air, cozy blankets, sweater and boot season, and the decorating 🙂 Where I live, we are beginning to see the sparks of color in the trees. The magnificent reds, yellows, and oranges are just waiting to explode. 

I will be posting free printables soon! In the meantime, here are a few inspiring pictures for fall. 

fall 1fall 3fall 2fall 4fall 5With much love,


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Free Autumn Printable


Free PrintHello~

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love all the comfort the season brings, not to mention the pie and candy 🙂 

Today, I am offering a free Autumn printable for personal use only. 

Autumn Free Printable 8 x 10

Enjoy the free printable! Please tag #PenPaperandPetals on Instagram. Would love to see where this blackbird lands!

I ask that you do not resell the file or printable for profit. Copyright remains with PPPS. 

For more printables like this, visit PenPaperandPetalsStudio.com

With much love,


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