« Paisley Rats » fabric

Paisley Power

The « Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white version) continues to be a popular design in 2023. Hayley bought 5 yards of the design printed on cotton poplin. A customer on the Etsy shopping website bought 6 yards printed on fleece.

The « Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white version)

The « Paisley Rats » design has a unique pattern of rat shapes incorporated in an intricate paisley pattern.

The design is also available in lots of other colors. Below is a photo of the pink and white version printed on cotton.

the pink and white version of « Paisley Rats » design printed on cotton

It’s also available as wallpaper. Here is a pic of a room with Paisley Rats wallpaper with a grey sofa in front of the wallpapered wall.

Paisley Rats wallpaper

The « Paisley Rats » design was created by Patrick Moriarty in Southend-on-Sea, UK in 2014.

Mary in Kansas US bought a yard…

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