When Recycling Fails: Home-Scale Solutions for Paper and Plastic Waste into Resources

The Druid's Garden

For decades here in the USA, recycling was touted as one of the more easy environmental things you could do. I, like many others, assumed that local recycling facilities processed materials, they were sent to factories, and then later, re-integrated into various products.  Boy was I wrong!  Turns out that recycling is an industrialized business like any other, and part of the reason is that it was so promoted is that there was profit in waste.  In fact, from 1992 – late 2018, most recycling produced in the US shipped to China, who paid top dollar for recycled resources that were used to build their own economy. China had very lax environmental laws, and the more « dirty » recycling the US produced was sent to China for cheap sorting and processing.  While some of those materials were recycled, many of the recycled materials ended up unusable and were discarded, moving down…

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Global Tiger Day 2019 at Hamerton Zoo Park

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Hi everyone,

We’ve once again supported the Hamerton Zoo team for their conservation efforts of big cats for the Global Tiger Day 2019

First of we took photos of the Malayan tigers with one of our cat wrestlers. We turned this into an extra-large version to match the big cats! He loved carrying it around and dug his teeth and claws into it. 🙂

The white tigers got supersized version of our popular motive cushions which they thoroughly enjoyed as well. 🙂

Want to see more of the cats in action? Watch our video that we created with the Zoo last year!

Isn’t amazing to see how much the big and small wild cats are just as playful as our feline companions?

As it was quite a hot day… the Tigers had quite a bit of fun with the water as well. 😉 Do your…

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Welt Tiger Tag 2019 mit Hamerton Zoo Park

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Hallo zusammen,

Wir haben das Hamerton Zoo-Team erneut bei seinen Bemühungen um den Schutz von Großkatzen für den Global Tiger Day 2019 unterstützt.

Zuerst haben wir die malaysischen Tiger mit einem unserer Spielrolle fotografiert. Wir haben dafür extra eine SUPER große Version gemacht, um den großen Katzen gerecht zu werden! Der Tiger liebte es, da er es herumtragen konnte und schön seine Krallen und Zähne in das Spielzeug reinhauen konnte. 🙂

Die weißen Tiger bekamen eine überdimensionale Version unserer beliebten Motivkissen, die ihnen auch sehr gut gefiel wie man sehen kann. 🙂

Möchtet Ihr mehr von den Katzen in Aktion sehen? Seht Euch unser Video vom letzten Jahr an.

Ist es nicht erstaunlich zu sehen, wie sehr die großen und kleinen Wildkatzen genauso verspielt sind wie unsere Hauskatzen?

Da es ein ziemlich heißer Tag war…. hatten die Tiger auch eine Menge Spaß mit dem Wasser…

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Kingfisher with Minnow Sculpture

rambling ratz

Regular readers will be familiar with my photographs of the Bulmers Woodpecker sculpture captured in a variety of different weather situations.

Fifty years since creating this iconic Herefordshire artwork sculptor Walenty Pytel has graced our landscape with a new piece; Kingfisher with Minnow.Photo of kingfisher sculpture

It was commissioned by the Cider Museum and stands between the museum and Sainsburys’ fuel station.Photo of kingfisher sculpture

Walenty Pytel was born in Poland in 1941 and moved to the UK at the age of five. He studied graphic design at Hereford College of Arts and has become a renowned artist specialising in metal sculptures inspired by nature. You can see more of his work here.Photo of kingfisher sculpture

Bulmers commissioned The Woodpecker to celebrate their eponymous brand of cider, presumably the Kingfisher is a nod to the cider apple orchards that grow alongside the River Wye where kingfishers reside.Photo of kingfisher sculptureI have to say that it is easier to spot and…

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Big Butterfly Count 2019

rambling ratz

There is still time to participate in one of the largest citizen science projects, the Big Butterfly Count 2019. You can log your butterfly sightings until 11th August, full details on the website.

Most of the usual suspects were present in the garden. There were at least four large white butterflies. New to my list was a gatekeeper, but I didn’t manage to get a photograph.photo of white butterfly on ivy

Holly blues.Photo of holly blue butterfly

Red admirals.Photo of red admiral butterfly

A peacock.Photo of peacock butterfly

Commas.Photo of comma butterfly

Speckled wood.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

As well as nectar rich flowers for the butterflies it is also important to have the larval foodplants. You can find lots of good advice here.

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