Paisley Rats Fabrics

Paisley Power

The « Paisley Rats » fabric has been bought by a customer on the Amazon shopping website. They chose the large-scale, black and white version printed on fleece. Fleece is a great fabric for this design as it feels furry, like rat fur!

« Paisley Rats » fabric (large-scale, black and white version)

1 yard of « PaisleyRats » fabric was bought on January 3rd, 2022 by a customer on the Etsy shopping website. They chose the medium-scale red and black version printed on cotton. It’s a great fabric for fashion or home decor sewing projects. Here is a photo of the design printed on chiffon.

« PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on chiffon

Here is a photo of the « PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on cotton. You can see all the intricate details of the paisley pattern between the black rat silhouettes.

« PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on cotton


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How I start 2022

No good resolution for 2022 because it’s not my cup of tea but:

I’m grateful for have wonderful facebook/twiter/instagram/wordpress friends who are like a family for me.

I’m grateful for was able to help more rodents this year.I’m grateful for have a home and food.

My wish for 2022 are: see the end of the pandemic, stay in « good health » ( you don’t all know but I have a genetical disease and it’s not easy every day ), keep all the good things I have in my life, health-joy-love-money for my friends, no difficulties, only good things.

Happy New Year folks

Nature alteration and epidemics

I recently read a good article about the impact from the devastation of nature to emerging diseases.

Researchers compared data from international institutions such as the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Gideon epidemic database.

It was very clear that there was a link between the original land use change and the virus and other infectious diseases.

It is also suggested that suggests that epidemics will increase as biodiversity decreases.

These studies do not take into account only deforestation but the reallocation of land such as agriculture, artificial plantations, animal husbandry, real estate projects, extraction of raw materials, etc. The disruption of ecosystems would result in the transmission of viruses.

Sadly this finding didn’t have the expected impact on our leaders because the data on climate change was not included.

It’s ok to not be ok

I don’t know you but I’m sick of all.

I’m bored to ear about covid and vax, about argument between vaccinated and no vaccinated people and their rights or not.

I’m sad to can’t travel, go to the restaurant, not see people I want, not do social activities. Even if I’m not a really social people and loooove stay comfy at home almost all the time.

I’m exhausted to altern between lockdown, semi-lockdown, hope that the life is going to come back as a normal way, more restrictions again.

And I’m particulary angrry against animals abuse and nature degradation, about the fact people don’t take care of our beautiful planet, the only place where we can stay alive. Climate change is a reality and animals suffering too, but it’s always behind the « covid priority ».

And mental health! Can we talk about mental health? It’s not neither a priority face to covid. I’m worried about mine and about world mental health, we are all going to turn mad. I am more and more depressed and negative from day to day, I don’t want anything anymore.

Sorry for this not happy post. Just wanted to say you that if you need love or to talk I’m here for you. No jugement.

See you soon

« Paisley Rat Mosaic » printed fabrics

Paisley Power

The « Paisley Rats » fabric (small-scale white and purple version) has been bought by a customer. The fabric is ideal for making small fabric accessories such as bags and facemasks. Customers also make pet accessories with it.

« Paisley Rats » fabric (small-scale white and purple version)

The « Paisley Rats » fabric (small-scale white and purple version) was designed by Patrick Moriarty in Southend-on-Sea in 2019. The design has small purple rat shapes, purple paisley symbols in a mosaic style, and a pure white background.

« Paisley Rats » design, printed on cotton (the small-scale white and purple version)

Marilyn in Canada recently bought a quarter of a yard of the unique « Paisley Rat Mosaic » fabric (the small-scale turquoise, black, and white version). She chose to have the design printed on Organic Cotton Sateen. It’s a great small-scale design for fashion accessories such as bow ties, fabric belts, headbands, and facemasks. You can also make…

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Diary of a Designer – Part 196 – by Patrick Moriarty

Paisley Power

Thank you to everyone who bought fabrics from the « Paisley Rats » collection in August. At least 33% of my commission from sales of the fabrics is donated to Apopo (Hero Rats) charity every month. The monthly donation pays toward the adoption fees of Shuri the rat. She is a clever rat who is trained to clear landmines in Angola. The Paisley Rats fabrics are available to buy online. They are expertly printed and the prices are very affordable.

Shuri the rat.

Here is a photo of the pink Paisley Rats fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty. This version has white rat silhouette shapes and a white paisley pattern, on a pretty pink background. I photographed the fabric on the wooden floor of the Paisley Power design studio in Southend-on-Sea, UK


Here is a photo of the green version of the Paisley Rat Mosaic fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty. The sample…

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Cultivating Resilience as a Physical and Spiritual Practice

The Druid's Garden

A lovely stand of staghorn sumac in bloom! Staghorn Sumac: A tree that teaches us about resilience

Resilience is a term I first learned as a permaculture practitioner–resilient ecosystems are those that are able to withstand hardship, recover quickly when faced with difficulty, and had a capacity to endure. In other words, a resilient ecosystem can withstand drought, flooding, or other difficulties by being adaptable, flexible, and having redundancies. Which of course, is so critical in today’s ever-changing world fraught with climate change and instability.  Resilient plants are the often-maligned weeds: those weeds who take every opportunity to grow: who find a crack in the sidewalk and take root, who immediately start to grow after disruption, or who outcompete less resilient plants. They are able to be like weeds or opportunistic species, taking advantage of new opportunities, finding niches, and gracefully adapting to change. Think of the dandelion here, growing up through cracks in the sidewalk.  This same…

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Paisley Rats help charity

Paisley Power

Shuri is a landmine-detecting rat that Paisley Power sponsors every month from sales of the Paisley Rats fabrics. She’s been a bit ill lately (dermatosis) so had to convalesce but she’ll be continuing her life-saving job again soon. Please continue to buy the Paisley Rats fabrics to help contribute to the Hero Rats charity, Apopo. Thank you!

Shuri is a landmine-detecting rat

Please continue to buy the Paisley Rats fabrics to help contribute to the Hero Rats charity, Apopo.

Paisley Rats fabrics

The Paisley Rats fabrics are a collection of textile designs by UK designer Patrick Moriarty. He originally drew the design by hand on paper in his design studio in Southend UK. Here is a photo of Patrick’s artwork.

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