Portrait of a Potato

rambling ratz

I was inspired by Kevin Abosch’s photograph, Potato #345, which has been bought for over one million dollars.Photo of a potato

I think my potato has more character; note how the eyes follow you around the room. Although I do need to work on my lighting. Therefore, I shall accept fifty quid for it. The financial value of any artwork is basically whatever someone is prepared to pay for it. The artistic value is down to personal opinion. Actually, the more I look at it, the more I like Mr Abosch’s potato #345. I wonder if it was mashed or chipped …

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Friday Night

rambling ratz

After a day grazing in the supermarket, the trollies are herded together and locked safely in their corral for the night.Photo of shopping trollies

It is an undeniable fact that life has boring bits in it, perhaps this should be reflected in our photography? However, I felt that I couldn’t just fob you off with a photo of some shopping trollies. So I made an attempt at a long exposure to get some light trails from the traffic. I think I need to be at a higher elevation, above a longer stretch of road and armed with a tripod!Photo of light trails

So my pursuit for providing you with a documentary of an exciting Friday night saw me outside, attempting yet again to try to get a decent photograph of the moon using my limited kit and skills. Mainly I just wanted to use the name, « waxing gibbous ». This refers to the fact that the moon…

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