Product Review: Custom Prints by WhiteWall

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Hi everyone,

We recently had the oppoturnity to test the WhiteWall custom print services for some of our photos. 🙂

We chose two of our favourite photos of Oliver that we used to create some beautiful photos behind acrylic glass.


When they arrived they were securely packed inside a box and the two prints were on opposite sides of the shown cardboard to make sure that they couldn’t move. As you can see our nosey little princess decided to check them out before we unwrapped them. 😉


And here are our two beauties all printed off and ready to go on a wall! 😀

As for the WhiteWall services they were brilliant! Their online platform was easy to use (with a few random words of German here and there but nothing that will cause any harm. 😉 and throughout the whole process it will show you the total price as…

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Guest Post: Lost Cat Recovery Tips

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Hello readers,

A lot of you may have had that stomach churning experience when your cat is going missing. We had an incident a year ago when Nubia decided that she wanted to be outside. Luckily she turned up a few days later. Not every ending is so happy. And as with everything in life, prevention is the best course of action. In today’s post we’re delighted to have some tips on how to prevent this from Missing Pet Partnership MPP in conjunction with Kim Freeman, the Cat Detective who’s based in Texas, United States of America.

Kim Freeman, the Lost Cat Finder, always sees an increase in lost cat cases around the holidays.


With the general chaos of guests coming and going, kids leaving doors open and other holiday accidents, make sure your cat is safe and you’re ready should the worst happen.

Cats are harder to recover than dogs and…

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Can’t Sleep? Captain Catnip to the Rescue!

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Shss… Thank you for stopping by, Boy do I have the best kept secret in town… I have a great Product to tell you about so spread the word to your friends it’s a new cat bed by Captain Catnip called the Catfeine Cup and Captain Catnip should know what’s best for us because he is Captain Catnip!


As you can see it looks like a coffee cup and even as a handle on it that makes it extra special. Purr….


This Catfeine Cup is made very well with carpet and padding to make it extra comfy….


Captain Catnip can make it in whatever color you want even personalize it especially for you. Trust me if Captain Catnip says he can make it he can definitely make whatever you like. Purr… He also makes:
cat beds
nepeta cateria
cat lasers
teaser wands
catnip bubbles
cat toys
cat stuff
cat accessories

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Tips: 5 Signs Your Cat May have Allergies

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Hi everyone today’s advice post comes from Dr. Eva Evans, a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a pet insurance company for cats and dogs.

 Spring is here, and with it comes allergy season. People aren’t the only species affected by allergies. Many mammals, including your cat or dog, can have allergy-related issues as well. These five signs could mean that your pet is suffering from allergies.

1. Itching

While there are many causes of itching in cats and dogs, allergies to pollen, dust, fleas and even certain food ingredients can cause itching. If you notice a sudden change in your cat or dog, including excessive scratching, hair loss, crusts or scabs, red skin or irritation, have your pet seen by a veterinarian. Itching can be seasonal if it is related to a season allergy such as pollen, or it can be year-round if your pet is constantly exposed to an…

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Healthy Ears

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Hi everyone,

We would like to introduce you to our new regular contributor Clare Espley RVN from Castle Vets Reading who will be writing about important cat health topics under this author profile moving forward.

Please give her a warm welcome and find the first post below!

Ears are very sensitive organs that are not only necessary for hearing, but are also responsible for maintaining balance. Cat’s also use them for communication in order to express how they are feeling, for example pricked up, forward facing ears are seen in alert cats and ears laid flat against the head can be a sign of fear.

Anatomy Of The Ear

The Outer or External Ear consists of the Ear Flaps (Pinna) which are very mobile and allow the ears to be moved independently of each other, allowing the cat to pick up sounds in the environment and communicate with others. It also contains the Ear Canal which is…

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Portrait of a Potato

rambling ratz

I was inspired by Kevin Abosch’s photograph, Potato #345, which has been bought for over one million dollars.Photo of a potato

I think my potato has more character; note how the eyes follow you around the room. Although I do need to work on my lighting. Therefore, I shall accept fifty quid for it. The financial value of any artwork is basically whatever someone is prepared to pay for it. The artistic value is down to personal opinion. Actually, the more I look at it, the more I like Mr Abosch’s potato #345. I wonder if it was mashed or chipped …

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Friday Night

rambling ratz

After a day grazing in the supermarket, the trollies are herded together and locked safely in their corral for the night.Photo of shopping trollies

It is an undeniable fact that life has boring bits in it, perhaps this should be reflected in our photography? However, I felt that I couldn’t just fob you off with a photo of some shopping trollies. So I made an attempt at a long exposure to get some light trails from the traffic. I think I need to be at a higher elevation, above a longer stretch of road and armed with a tripod!Photo of light trails

So my pursuit for providing you with a documentary of an exciting Friday night saw me outside, attempting yet again to try to get a decent photograph of the moon using my limited kit and skills. Mainly I just wanted to use the name, « waxing gibbous ». This refers to the fact that the moon…

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