I’ve gone all gothic.

This is fab!

The Arty Plantsman

Be thankful I don’t have any Sisters of Mercy albums or black eyeliner…

So, I had this idea, kind of inspired by reading about Leonardo’s anatomical drawings, and 40 years of watching horror movies.

First. I aged some paper. This was just some bog-standard A3 cartridge paper. I tore the edges to roughen them up, and crinkled it a tiny bit. Then (when my wife was out) I filled a tray with black instant coffee and soaked the sheet in it. Then I lifted it out and, from a height, I sprinkled a little coffee powder onto the wet surface and let it soak in to create darker spots. Then I popped it into a slightly warm oven until it was nearly dry but a bit curled up. Then pressed it between some sheets of paper under a heavy book until dry and flat.

Almost dry, before pressing.

Flat and…

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Paisley Rats fabrics

Paisley Power

2 yards of Paisley Rats fabric were sold to a customer on the Etsy shopping website on August 21st, 2022. The customer chose the medium-scale black and white version, printed on cotton poplin. It’s a great fabric for making clothing and home decor items.

Paisley Rats fabric (black and white version)

1 yard of « Paisley Rats » printed cotton was bought today by a customer. They chose the small-scale black-and-white version. The design has small white rat shapes incorporated in an elaborate white paisley pattern on a black background #rats #Paisley

« Paisley Rats » printed cotton ( the small-scale black-and-white version)

Here’s a photo of the fabric with a set of keys placed next to the fabric so you can get a sense of scale. The smaller version of the design is ideal for making fashion accessories.

There is also a collection of smaller paisley rats designs called « Paisley Rat…

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