« Paisley Rats » fabric

Paisley Power

1 yard of « Paisley Rats » fabric was bought recently by a customer on the Etsy shopping website. They chose to have the rat pattern printed on Cypress Cotton Canvas, which is a suitable fabric for making table linen items such as runners and placemats.

« Paisley Rats » fabric black and white version

Here is a video of a « Paisley Rats » pillow cover. The fabric used to make the pillow cover was actually screenprinted by Patrick Moriarty in a community arts centre in Southend UK. Patrick scrunched the fabric before he fixed the ink with an iron. He did this because he wanted to create a grunge effect. A grunge effect is when a design looks slightly weathered or cracked.

« Paisley Rats » pillow cover

1 yard of Paisley Rats fabric was bought by a customer on eBay. They chose the red version printed on velvet. Velvet is an excellent choice of…

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Nature Connection, Wildcrafting, and the Wheel of the Year

The Druid's Garden

One interpretation of the wheel in terms of our own activity One interpretation of the wheel in terms of our own activity

The Wheel of the Year is obviously a powerful symbol, both in nature spiritual practices like druidry as well as more general neopagan practices.  It resonates with something that is ancestral and connected–living by the cycles and honoring the seasons. A host of different traditions use some form of a yearly wheel, and when you join many traditions, the wheel of the year is a critical part of the practice. But what do these holidays mean? How do they actually connect to our lives?  How do they connect to our local ecosystems, and how do the wheel holidays help us connect with nature?  I consider these questions and argue for a wildcrafted wheel of the year rooted in your own observation, connection, and daily life in connection with nature.

As a druid for the last 16 years, I feel…

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