Cat safety tips for Halloween (aka the worst day of the year for cats)

The Purrfect Job


It’s that time of year again – Halloween.

I do a safety post for Halloween every year, I wish I don’t have to do this warning post anymore but unfortunately I still have to.

As a result, here is a confession – I most absolutely HATE Halloween.

Every year, so many cats (especially black cats) falls victims of the ‘holiday fun’. Cats being chased, tails being burnt. Or even just the general noisiness scare them to no end.

I hope one day I won’t need to do this post anymore. Until that day arrives, let’s work on keeping our feline friends as safe and comfortable as possible.

Before I talk further, first and foremost…

Please remember to keep your beloved cats indoors this Halloween.

They might not be happy and start whining at the door, but between them being whiny and them being tortured by some people. You know which…

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