When Fashion And Nature Collide: The Edible Flowers Experience

Two of our favourite things come together for a holistic sensory experience in the June edition of When Fashion And Nature Collide. On Darren’s visit to Montreal, we had the fortune and pleasure of indulging in quite a few types of edible flowers. I had heard that begonias taste like apples, but experiencing it is —well, it’s just a next level kind of treat! We ended up playing with our food and creating some interesting salads. And we also made for you a guide to edible flower flavours.
Instagram Guide FlavoursA few words about the begonias. Yes, they do taste like apples, but their savors are different according to their colours. The red begonias taste like McIntosh. The pink ones have a sour crab apple flavour and the yellow begonias have the delicious tart taste of the Granny Smith apple.
With all these lovely flowers and their leafs, we made this…

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