Rat Fabrics and Wallpapers

Paisley Power

2 yards of « Paisley Rat Mosaic » fabric were bought recently by a customer. They chose the tiny turquoise and white version printed on cotton. If you have pet rats, this is the perfect fabric for you to make rat accessories.

« Paisley Rat Mosaic » fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

1 yard of « Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white) has been bought by a customer on March 19th, 2022. They chose the large-scale version which is ideal for making bedding and curtains. Other colors are available including red, and turquoise.

« Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white)

Here is a photo of 1 yard of the black and white Paisley Rats design printed on cotton. The design was created by Patrick Moriarty in 2014 in Southend-on-Sea UK.

black and white Paisley Rats fabric

The Paisley Rats design will be featured in an exhibition at a prestigious museum in Israel in May 2022…

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« Paisley Rats » Pocket Squares

Paisley Power

« Paisley Rats » pocket squares are unique gift ideas. 100% organic cotton sateen. A customer on eBay has already placed a bid for a black one (pictured below). There are several in stock in both colorways (black rat motifs or white rat motifs). Here is a photo of the pocket square with white rat motifs.

pocket square with white rat motifs

Here is the pocket square with black rat motifs on a white background. The pocket squares have been beautifully sewn with a black rolled hem. The hem frames the printed fabric square perfectly.

pocket square with black rat motifs on a white background

If you want to make your own pocket squares, there are other colors of the Paisley Rats fabric to choose from. 1 yard of Paisley Rats fabric was bought by a customer on March 7th, 2022. They chose the red version printed on cotton. The…

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Unique rat patterned fabric

Still the best design!

Paisley Power

The Paisley Rats fabric was bought on February 17th, 2022 by a customer on the Amazon website. They bought 1 yard of the small black & white version of the design printed on cotton. The fabric is ideal for making stylish fashion accessories such as scarves, masks, cosmetic bags, pocket squares, and headbands. Lots of customers worldwide buy the fabric from the PaisleyPower store at Spoonflower to make products to sell online.

Paisley Rats fabricasks,

1 yard of the « Paisley Rats » fabric (the small black and white version) was bought on February 25th, 2022 by an Amazon customer. The design has white rat motifs incorporated in an elaborate white paisley pattern on a black background.

« Paisley Rats » printed textile design by Patrick Moriarty

The « Paisley Rats » fabric has been bought today by a customer on the Amazon website. The design has large black rats and a black paisley pattern…

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UPG and Me: On Gnosis, Personal Gnosis, and Knowing in NeoPagan Practices

The Druid's Garden

As with any spiritual path, the question of how we build knowledge, what we believe, and where that knowledge comes from is important.  I think it is particularly important to druids as we have so few fragments of the Ancient Druid tradition.  We are constantly asking ourselves–where can we gain knowledge from? How do we build knowledge, and from what sources?

What is Gnosis?

Entering the Dreaming (Hawthorn card from the Plant Spirit Oracle Deck)

Gnosis refers to “knowledge of spiritual mysteries.” Gnostic traditions are those rooted in the idea that knowledge can be gained through esoteric (inner) practices, such as communion with a deity, prayer, meditation, repetitive activity, dreams, and so forth, and that that knowledge is important and valued. Throughout history and in many different spiritual traditions, Gnosis was an important part of any spirituality.  Seeking the mysteries on the deepest level often requires contemplation, silence, and communion…

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« Paisley Rats » fabric

Paisley Power

1 yard of « Paisley Rats » fabric was bought recently by a customer on the Etsy shopping website. They chose to have the rat pattern printed on Cypress Cotton Canvas, which is a suitable fabric for making table linen items such as runners and placemats.

« Paisley Rats » fabric black and white version

Here is a video of a « Paisley Rats » pillow cover. The fabric used to make the pillow cover was actually screenprinted by Patrick Moriarty in a community arts centre in Southend UK. Patrick scrunched the fabric before he fixed the ink with an iron. He did this because he wanted to create a grunge effect. A grunge effect is when a design looks slightly weathered or cracked.

« Paisley Rats » pillow cover

1 yard of Paisley Rats fabric was bought by a customer on eBay. They chose the red version printed on velvet. Velvet is an excellent choice of…

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Nature Connection, Wildcrafting, and the Wheel of the Year

The Druid's Garden

One interpretation of the wheel in terms of our own activity One interpretation of the wheel in terms of our own activity

The Wheel of the Year is obviously a powerful symbol, both in nature spiritual practices like druidry as well as more general neopagan practices.  It resonates with something that is ancestral and connected–living by the cycles and honoring the seasons. A host of different traditions use some form of a yearly wheel, and when you join many traditions, the wheel of the year is a critical part of the practice. But what do these holidays mean? How do they actually connect to our lives?  How do they connect to our local ecosystems, and how do the wheel holidays help us connect with nature?  I consider these questions and argue for a wildcrafted wheel of the year rooted in your own observation, connection, and daily life in connection with nature.

As a druid for the last 16 years, I feel…

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Paisley Rats Fabrics

Paisley Power

The « Paisley Rats » fabric has been bought by a customer on the Amazon shopping website. They chose the large-scale, black and white version printed on fleece. Fleece is a great fabric for this design as it feels furry, like rat fur!

« Paisley Rats » fabric (large-scale, black and white version)

1 yard of « PaisleyRats » fabric was bought on January 3rd, 2022 by a customer on the Etsy shopping website. They chose the medium-scale red and black version printed on cotton. It’s a great fabric for fashion or home decor sewing projects. Here is a photo of the design printed on chiffon.

« PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on chiffon

Here is a photo of the « PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on cotton. You can see all the intricate details of the paisley pattern between the black rat silhouettes.

« PaisleyRats » design (red and black version) printed on cotton


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How I start 2022

No good resolution for 2022 because it’s not my cup of tea but:

I’m grateful for have wonderful facebook/twiter/instagram/wordpress friends who are like a family for me.

I’m grateful for was able to help more rodents this year.I’m grateful for have a home and food.

My wish for 2022 are: see the end of the pandemic, stay in « good health » ( you don’t all know but I have a genetical disease and it’s not easy every day ), keep all the good things I have in my life, health-joy-love-money for my friends, no difficulties, only good things.

Happy New Year folks

Nature alteration and epidemics

I recently read a good article about the impact from the devastation of nature to emerging diseases.

Researchers compared data from international institutions such as the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Gideon epidemic database.

It was very clear that there was a link between the original land use change and the virus and other infectious diseases.

It is also suggested that suggests that epidemics will increase as biodiversity decreases.

These studies do not take into account only deforestation but the reallocation of land such as agriculture, artificial plantations, animal husbandry, real estate projects, extraction of raw materials, etc. The disruption of ecosystems would result in the transmission of viruses.

Sadly this finding didn’t have the expected impact on our leaders because the data on climate change was not included.

It’s ok to not be ok

I don’t know you but I’m sick of all.

I’m bored to ear about covid and vax, about argument between vaccinated and no vaccinated people and their rights or not.

I’m sad to can’t travel, go to the restaurant, not see people I want, not do social activities. Even if I’m not a really social people and loooove stay comfy at home almost all the time.

I’m exhausted to altern between lockdown, semi-lockdown, hope that the life is going to come back as a normal way, more restrictions again.

And I’m particulary angrry against animals abuse and nature degradation, about the fact people don’t take care of our beautiful planet, the only place where we can stay alive. Climate change is a reality and animals suffering too, but it’s always behind the « covid priority ».

And mental health! Can we talk about mental health? It’s not neither a priority face to covid. I’m worried about mine and about world mental health, we are all going to turn mad. I am more and more depressed and negative from day to day, I don’t want anything anymore.

Sorry for this not happy post. Just wanted to say you that if you need love or to talk I’m here for you. No jugement.

See you soon