Moss Definitely! The Unexpected Benefits Of Moss Gardening

Plants and Beyond

~ While we all want to ensure a beautiful garden, or simply bring the therapeutic benefits of plant life into our lives via houseplants or window boxes, many of us are unaware that our green thumbs may need a bit of help.

moss2In the pursuit of raising healthy and beautiful plant life, many of us are unaware of the negative consequences of the products we use in the wider environment. The widespread use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides has helped farmers across the world to increase their yields and helped some beautiful verdant gardens to grow, but at a significant cost to the environment. While all gardeners can do their bit to help the planet by using more eco-friendly gardening products, here, we’re going to look at a particular kind of gardening that is not only eco-friendly but staggeringly beautiful and easy to maintain.


We are going to…

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