The Witch Is In

Plants and Beyond

Not their Mommy, but a Witch. This is what my dear teenagers call me when I am writing, creating and working on my blog posts.


It is Autumn, but not quite the festive end of October Halloween Holliday yet. My increasingly annoyed and bored kids are placing Witch signs all over my office.




They try to get my attention, in vain.

Boredom is healing for hardworking school students, I contemplate. Monotony makes you think of imaginative ways of turning your precious free time into actual FUN. You, my darling mouthy teenagers, are wholeheartedly enjoying your sunny weekend days, DOING NOTHING. Too bad, you can’t recognize how fortunate you are to live in the moment.

Your Mom, for example, reestablished her lifelong passion for writing and turned it into a new way of Blogging. It takes time, focus, perseverance and untangling of multiple thoughts to chronologically type them…

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