Your Friday Art Cat is trying to tell you something


In honor of the oh-so-adorable, weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday feature on Katzenworld, your Friday Art Cat shows her soft, white belly. But it’s not for petting!

White and gray tabby kitty showing its belly.

It is a rare kitty who actually wants you to stroke the tummy. A cat will roll over and show its belly to demonstrate that it trusts you, and that it is relaxed.  However, most cats find it offensive for you to, then, violate this confidence by invading exposed belly space. You might receive bites, or a shredded hand for doing so, even from this sweet-looking Friday Art Cat.

For an informative article with video description of this and other common cat behaviors check out Why your cat claws and bites you when you rub its tummy.

I am a guest blogger for Katzenworld. Please click on over to Art is Not for Sissies and peruse my other posts about cats. And art, too! Thanks!
Carol Parker Mittal

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