Guest Star: Purrseidon – The cat that loves water!


 Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Jeanne Foguth and her companion Purrseidon:

In 2014 a feral cat gave birth to some very cute kittens. We fell in love with a tiny « calicoish«  one, and our neighbor was smitten with another, but we were waiting until they were six weeks old before catnapping them… We spent days deciding on the purrfect name for the new addition to our family and eventually came up with the name of Purrseidon and our neighbor decided to name her future family-member Lucy Fur.

All seemed fine, except for the wait, then Lucy Fur drowned in a puddle. Next, we saw a dog shaking Purrseidon, like a toy … the owner said they were just playing. (Not the way we allow our dog to play with a tiny creature!) We went into a panic and catnapped Purrseidon two weeks early.

purrseidon 1

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Oliver & Nubia: Stop taking photos and feed us…


Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver & Nubia here! Today we got a delicious surprise in the post. 😀

Unfortunately our humans decided that they had to take more photos first again….


Nubia: Come on…. Don’t you see I’m hungry. : »(


Nubia: Oh which one shall I go for!!!! :O


Nubia: I’ll have this one!


Oliver: ME first!!!

Nubia: How rude!


Oliver: *With full mouth* I was just hungrier…

Nubia: That’s what you always say!

Oliver: So much gravy!

Nubia: Don’t you dare to lick all the gravy and leave me dry meat again…

Oliver: *Licks lips continuously* This was delicious!

Nubia: *Checks the bowl* OMG it’s all gone!!! Where is mine. 😦

Oliver: I was hungry… Maybe the humans will give you more? 🙂

Nubia: Pffftttt…. I will file a complaint with them about you… But I guess it was lip smacking good!

P.S: Todays snack was kindly provided by IAMS…

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Vintage Dairy Label Coasters Tutorial


Vintage Dairy Label Coaster Set Tutorial  by Cheltenham RoadI make coasters (it’s possible you already know this).

What I don’t make is round coasters. I’ve tried in the past but never quite got it worked out to where the effort matched the reward.

While poking around the Dollar Store for my Halloween Candle Project I stumbled across a ton of plain, round, plastic coaster blanks.

It seemed like they had possibilities!

I was excited and full of ideas!

I snapped up a set and rushed home!

……And put them in a box and didn’t think about them for months.

It’s how I roll.

But I finally came up with a plan and, because Wylie E Coyote is my spirit animalwylie e coyote business card

I thought « why not show everyone how to make coasters so they don’t have to go to the hassle of buying them from me! »

So, you can check out the full tutorial over on Mod Podge Rocks (and…

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‘Cats v Dogs’ – iCatCare’s Dr Sarah Ellis on BBC2 at 8pm tomorrow!


international cat care banner

‘Cats v Dogs’ 8pm tomorrow on BBC2

– with International Cat Care’s Dr Sarah Ellis and her cat Cosmos

Part of our charitable work at International Cat Care is to provide good quality scientifically based advice on many aspects of feline health, welfare and behaviour. How we distribute such advice is varied and includes via courses, conferences, journals, e-magazines and of course Katzenworld. This week, we are also branching into television.

Dr Sarah Ellis, feline behaviour specialist at International Cat Care, will feature in a new UK television programme ‘Cats v Dogs’. The new two-part documentary which airs this Thursday and next (8-9pm BBC Two) features Chris Packham championing the dog and Liz Bonnin championing the cat. Sarah will be demonstrating just how remarkable cats (and their owners!) are! Tune in to see Sarah training her cat in a demonstration of how cats learn. In a trailer for the programme, Cosmos…

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Mews: Bob Martin vetcare online store


Hi everyone,

We’ve been trying out the Bob Martin vetcare website which offers an easy and convenient way to order necessary goods for your pets.

The Bob Martin Vetcare online store not just makes general goods available but it also allows pet owners to buy medicines and prescriptions for their pets – all you need to do is upload your vets prescription and even though while vets may charge for this prescription this can often work out a lot cheaper. In an average year, a pet owner of a healthy adult dog can expect to pay approx. £125 for pet medicines[1], such as wormers and flea treatments; but medicines could cost upwards of £1000 per year for a dog suffering from a chronic illness, such as a heart condition[2]. However, when purchasing pet healthcare products through an online pharmacy, like Bob Martin Vetcare, a pet owner…

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Mrs Sparrowhawk’s Second Course

rambling ratz

I mentioned in my last post that the sparrowhawk had downed another pigeon. Well she returned today to dine upon the unfortunate beast for a second time. She spent nearly three hours, plucking and turning her dinner to get at the best bits. She may yet make it last three days.

Isn’t she magnificent with her fierce yellow eyes and sassy stripey vest and pantaloons? I have previously blogged about sparrowhawks here.

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