Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 5 – Cats in boxes


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our fith and last post in the Neko Maru cat series. It’s been extremly challenging to choose our favourites hence the many parts. And I am sure you agree that cats in boxes deserved it’s own dedicated section! 🙂

To start of the post a tranquil cat in a box! As we all know this is the FAVOURITE position of most cats hehe.

And being a cat cafe you can of course do a whole series just on cats in boxes! 😀

Mr Grey was back for a stay in a box too. 🙂

Or inside a round ball inside a box? Now thats an extra level! LOL

So much fluff… so much cuteness. It hurts!

Or napping cats. 😉

Which are of course no less adorable.

Is he contemplating his dinner? If only we’d know what cats think sometimes!

To be continued in Part 6 the…

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Charity Mews: Super moggy mum has paws full for Mother’s Day


Hi everyone,

Cats Protection has sent us the story of this feline mother which we just had to share with you all today! 🙂

Super moggy mum has paws full for Mother’s Day

The first cat to give birth at Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre this year will have her paws full looking after her new litter of six kittens this Mothering Sunday.

Anna and kittens (2)

Anna, who is only a year old, was admitted into the centre last month after being found living outside lost and alone.

Soon after she gave birth to five girls and one boy who have been named Flower, Petal, Champagne, Choco, Cadbury and Vino.

“It’s lovely to see Anna with her kittens – she’s a purrfect mum and is very proud of her brood,” said Sue Dobbs, Cats Protection’s Bridgend Centre Manager. “She is fortunate to have found her way into our care and is enjoying motherhood in…

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Mother’s Day Primroses

rambling ratz

Sunday 6th March is Mothering Sunday in the UK.

Back in the day, little kids could buy a primrose in a pot for 50 pence from their school as a Mother’s Day present. Mums had to feign surprise and delight, even though they had coughed up the 50 pence themselves, and had to carry the plant home after school on a Friday afternoon. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the kind and caring mums out there.

There is more information about primroses in my post Yellow Bloomers – Part Two.

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Guest Star: Biscuit–Jones Carter-Sly


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Hannah:

We all know that buying any pet should be something you consider very carefully before you actually go out and do it. After all – to quote the slogan most banded about at this time of year – a dog/kitten is for life – not just for Christmas. So, you may think me and my partner slightly fool hardy to have found and bought a kitten within two days of the subject being mentioned! In our defence though, we lost 15 year old Jasper earlier in the year, and the patter of paws has been sorely missing from our lives since. So! It was with much excitement I responded to him (b/friend) as he arrived in the living room, on Sunday evening, announcing that we should get a Maine Coon!


After googling the cat and finding that some are nearly as large as…

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Your Friday Art Cat Longs for Summer


It’s snowing…again. Oh, we’ve had a few days of relative meltiness, where a cat might venture out into a sunny spot in the catio, but today is not that day. Nor was yesterday. And not tomorrow, either. But it is March, and spring is on the way, or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe. Meanwhile, all humans and cats of the north hunker down and dream of warmer days.

Cat at the beach with No Swimming sign No need to remind me of the rules.

The cats and I would very much appreciate it if you would stop by Art is Not for Sissies to see other art and feline antics, if you are so inclined. Thanks!

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Nubia: Pampered Princess relaxing in style


Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite black cat here today! 🙂 What you are saying you don’t know my name? I guess you must be a new reader. 😉 It’s Nubia! 😀


You are wondering what I am resting in? It’s a super duper new cat basket that my humans got us from Germany. 😀

Why the humans have to take photos of me to prove I love it no idea! Surely my word alone should suffice? 😉

This basket and many other fantastic deluxe cat products are produced by MiaCara and is part of their recent Gatto range!


You have to admit that I create a wonderful contrast to the light creme colour of my faux fur? 😀


I won’t let my brother have access to this bed that’s for sure… Wouldn’t want him to put his crunchies all over it and turn this into a Princess on the Pea situation…



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