Red Dead-Nettle

rambling ratz

One of the paths going into Hereford City has some mahonia and other shrubs planted on the grassy verge. I noticed today that some red dead-nettle is also growing there.

Red dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum is also called purple dead-nettle or purple archangel. Unlike true nettles it does not sting. The tops and leaves of young plants are edible in salads or stir fries. However, it is most useful as an early source of  nectar and pollen for bees. In some parts of the UK it is known as bumblebee flower.

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 88)


Hello everyone,

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Here are Pumpkin and Marine, who we met on Bailey’s Blog.

GL joins us from The Story Curator.


Meet Amanda the Panda – the photo has been taken by Kathy. (Sent via Email)

Will Oscar wake up in time for a tummy rub?!?

How can cats get comfy in those positions?! More on chosenperspective.

Meet Jamina! More of her

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Cat’s Ear Fluffy Seeds

rambling ratz

Rambling Ratz mentioned in a previous post a dandelion-like flower called a cat’s of cat's ear

It is generally considered to be an invasive weed, but I happen to think that it is a bright cheery flower. Unlike the dandelion, the flowers grow severally on forked stems and the leaves are slightly hairy and, using lots of imagination, shaped like cat’s ears.

Cat’s ear is edible (the plant, please don’t go disfiguring felines) and can be used in salads or boiled up. However, it apparently has a bland taste and I don’t think austerity has got quite that bad just yet.

The flowers have now turned to seed heads as in the photo on the left. Personally I think they are furrier than dandelion seeds, as in the photo on the right.

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A Garden Bimble

rambling ratz

Not feeling very adventurous of late, I decided to go for a little bimble around the garden. Rambling Ratz’s household consists of the old and decrepit, those busy caring for the old and decrepit and others not green-fingered or interested enough to maintain the garden. photo of cat's ear

No, this striking yellow flower isn’t a dandelion, but a relative – cat’s ear. Apparently it causes stringhalt in horses, a disease resulting in a loss of control of their hind legs. Nasty.

However, one man’s weed is another man’s wildflower, and a bramble patch is blackbird’s feeding station. So whilst our garden no doubt dismays our tidy neighbours, it delights the wildlife. We have an abundance of bees, butterflies, moths, general creepy crawlies, frogs, toads, bats, mice, hedgehogs and a wide variety of birds – photo of pigeonspigeons are the only ones that sit still enough to have their portraits taken. Plenty to keep the neighbourhood…

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The Dandiest of Lions

rambling ratz

The humble dandelion or as the Germans say it löwenzahn is generally considered to be a weed, an ugly nuisance that has no place in our finely coiffed gardens.  Well, think again.Photo of dandelion flower

The name of course comes from a misunderstanding of French, dent de lion meaning tooth of the lion. The French really should speak more slowly to English people. The ubiquitous yellow flower also goes by some pseudonyms; the French pissenlit and the English piss-a-bed. This is a little hint as to one use for the plant. It was popularly used as a diuretic. The leaves can be eaten in a salad, the roots and the leaves were used to make herbal remedies to flush out the kidneys and to treat gout.

Photo of dandelion flower emergingThe milky juice of the dandelion is said to cure warts, this seems a preferable method to putting a toad in a bag which is then hung…

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Cat Travel: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – The cat that turned the light off!


Hi everyone,

Today we would like to tell you about an especially mischievous cat 😉 She just doesn’t seem to like it when it’s bright and people take too many photos hehe.

She sure looks pretty up there and so far she hasn’t caused any mischief today…

Oh there she goes… Here goes light bulb number one!

So who says you need human hands to remove light bulbs? hehe

I wonder if she turned the light of to help her friend take a well deserved cat nap? 😀

That’s it for today! But we will be back with THE KITTENS – Stay tuned haha.

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