April Gallery Added

rambling ratz

I have added my April gallery to my page, « 366 Days – 2016 in Photographs ».Photo of aubrieta flowers

I’m curious as to whether each month will have a dominant colour or theme.

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Mews: Cheshire & Wain London – Wonderland Collection


Hi everyone,

Our friends over at Cheshire & Wain London have just launched a new collection called the Wonderland Collection!

Now before we go into details on this new launch let’s show of one of Oliver’s moments wearing one of the previous collections called Colour Pop.


And wasn’t he adorable with this?


As well as much smaller. 😮 Or at least it seems he was!

Anyway we will soon be trying their latest collar and toys! Meanwhile please find some details about this new range below. And don’t forget to guess which colour we will be getting. 😀


Luxury Cat Collars & Catnip Toys Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Childhood Classic

Luxury, British cat collarsmiths Cheshire & Wain has sprinkled some literary magic over their growing line of kitty products, with the launch of the new Wonderland collection, inspired by…

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Warm(er) Days


Warm(er) DaysI’ve been complaining for quite some time now about winter lasting forever. I was sick of snow, fed up of cold, and completely done with the darkness. Thankfully in the last couple of weeks Spring has finally decided to show up!

Yesterday morning was so lovely and warm that we decided to open up the door to our balcony. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Warm(er) Days 2Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was fed up of winter. The minute the cats realised the balcony was open they were off to investigate all the sights and sounds of Spring. Our balcony is glassed so there was no risk of them escaping, but they were still able to sit and enjoy the sunshine. Lola had great fun trying to bat at a fly on the other side of the glass.

I guess the floor of the balcony is…

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Your Dancing Friday Art Cat


Hooray! It’s Friday, fellow Katzies. And that means it’s time to celebrate the weekend with some disco dancing. If you want some righteous beats to accompany your Friday Art Cat, check out Disco Meow Mix.  Otherwise, I hope you relax and enjoy your weekend.

Dancing ginger cat The Friday Art Cat is ready to party.

If you don’t know already, I draw a lot of silly cats, like this one from October involving toilet paper, or this one with a paper bag from last March.  Recently, I’ve been busy in the studio working on a series of dancing cats. Stay tuned for more…

You can check out more at Art is Not for Sissies. Thanks!

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Hangin’ ‘Round

rambling ratz

The grey squirrel was clinging grimly on to the peanut feeder as it swirled in the wind, looking for all the world as though it were trying to escape from the squirrel’s unwanted advances. I was reminded of this song by the late, great Lou Reed.

Oh, but you keep hangin’ round me
And I’m not so glad you found me
You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago
Ho-ho-ho-ho, you keep hangin’ round me
And I’m not so glad you found me
You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago
Hangin’ round
Hangin’ round, that’s all you’re doing baby

Lou Reed

Photo of grey squirrel on peanut feeder

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Purrsday Poetry: A poem. By Sweet Cee Cee Tortie


Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Azar Attura.

sweet cee cee

A poem. By Sweet Cee Cee Tortie:

Mama (former, now spayed) Cee Cee speaks:
What do cats do when they sleep?
When they are in slumber deep?

Oh, our souls fly the night with our hearts full of love
Looking down at the world with Compassion from above,
Where we touch the poor heart of an animal who hurts
And soothe fevered brows with purrs, more than words.

We care for the animals who suffer and die,
Abandoned, no care — hear this Mama’s Heart CRY!!!
Oh ManKIND where is your KIND heart, is it hidden?
Never oh NEVER has such love been forbidden!!!

When you feed love with love it continues to grow
And it brings the world joy — more than you’d ever know!!

Dear Humans, we cats feel, we selflessly share
Love with animals who do…

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