Meet the Missus

rambling ratz

Do you remember at the end of March I was very excited to have taken a photo of a male hairy footed flower bee and posted it here? I was miffed that the female, presumably his missus, was too fast for me. Well ha! Today I managed to snap her while she was dawdling about on the forget me nots.Photo of female hairy footed flower beeDoesn’t she have a sweet face. I hope that her beau hasn’t forgotten her.Photo of female hairy footed flower bee

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 90)


Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. 😀

The easiest way to join TRT is by sending us photos to Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use. Additionally we have also setup a linky app if you don’t want to make your photo public just yet. Click here for this.


As Effie demonstrates, not always does an exposed belly mean an invite for a tummy rub… 😉 More on her Blog here.


Meet Artemis the Boat Cat, who has a Facebook page. 😀


Meet Fergus who was sent in via email by Ilene.


Meet Savanna whose picture was emailed to us by Linda!


This cute entry comes from Maluxeshop!

Fleur (Mumsy) TRT


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Yoda’s Across the World Adventure to CATmandu, Nepal


Traveling in your twenties is quite the thrill.  Traveling in your twenties with a cat, however, is quite the elaborate trick; one that Paul and I would somehow have to figure out.  In two weeks!

I say two weeks because that’s how long I was given to pack up my comfortable life in North Carolina and fly to Kathmandu, Nepal.

What would you do? If you thought you were going to live away from home for two+ years, would you take your furbaby with you?

I thought so.  After all, Yoda is our pride and joy; and quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine living or traveling without him.  Cats have always been an integral part of my life, especially growing up.  But enough about me, the real superstar of this show is Yoda.

It’s because of Yoda that Paul and I even started our own cat blog, Fluffy Kitty.  Yoda’s…

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Gardener’s Little Helper

rambling ratz

The moon was up bright and early, unlike some folk.moon-170416-a

I needed to crack on and give the lawn a haircut. As I let the grass grow long and the lawn is full of other leafy plants and flowers, it harbours a lot of insects. This female blackbird came running over at the sound of the mower starting and ran around me the whole time, no doubt catching the disturbed insects. A robin also flitted in and out.Photo of blackbird

Later as I sat and watched the blackbird I noticed that she wasn’t eating the wriggly stuff she was catching, but stashing it in her beak. I can only presume that she has hatched chicks already. Photo of blackbird

The female blackbirds are brown and dowdy compared to the dashing male blackbirds that I mentioned previously in these posts here and here. However, this intrepid lady seems to have a sassy blue sheen to…

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Hoverflies To Look Out For

Ryan Clark Ecology

For the penultimate day of Pollinator Awareness Week, I am going to look at some distinctive hoverflies that you can look out for. If you put your records on iRecord then they will go to the hoverfly recording scheme and help aid conservation.

Episyrphus balteatus

This is probably the most common hoverfly in Britain, once you get your eye in, you will see it everywhere! This hoverfly is also known as the marmalade hoverfly, probably due to its marmalade colour.


Xylota sengis


Volucella bombylans

A bumblebee mimic. Note the fluffy antennae that Volucella have.


Helophilus pendulus

Also known as the footballer hoverfly. There are similar species though.


Eristalis pertinax

Note the yellow front feet


Eristalis tenax

Note the dark front feet


Eupodes luniger


Epistrophe eligans


Myathropa florea

Also known as the batman hoverfly due to the markings on the thorax


Syritta pipiens

Note the thickened hind femur (thigh)14052306018_57ea00a59d_z

Merodon equestris

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Drone Hoverfly

rambling ratz

After a cold, wet night the afternoon and evening turned out sunny. I went to check the ivy and sure enough there was a hoverfly catching some rays.Photo of drone hoverfly

I think it is a drone hoverfly and I think that judging by the yellow front feet it could be Eristalis pertinax. Thanks to Ryan Clark’s post « Hoverflies To Look Out For » for the distinction between the pertinax and the tenax!Photo of drone hoverfly

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Awkward Sleeper


Awkward SleeperLola loves to take cat naps. It seems like she is able to sleep anywhere, any time. I’ll be honest, I envy her that!

Awkward Sleeper 2There are times though, that she looks so incredibly awkward when she’s asleep. It’s not that she’s contorting (though she does that plenty!) Just… awkward.

Sometimes it’s the way she stretches. Pushing her head forward in such a way that surely it must be uncomfortable! Right? Well, I’m just a human. What do I know about cat naps.

Awkward Sleeper 3Other times it’s the things that she decided to lay on. Aren’t all those bumpy layers beneath your chest disturbing to your sleep? I know I’d be waking up constantly. Or actually I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t be sleeping on them in the first place!

But really, who am I to judge? Perhaps it’s just the jealousy talking! As long as she’s happy to sleep that way…

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