Otters Are As Common As Mud On Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve


Exemple d’une cage: Aménagement d’un detolf (de Milkyfactory)

Eldanar's Hamsterworld

Aujourd’hui je vous présente le Detolf de MilkyFactory. Elle a aménagé le Detolf pour son hamster syrien Neu.

Le Detolf est une vitrine qui coute environ 60€ (chez IKEA).

Elle est mise sur un Expedit :

Le Detolf vide sur l’expedit

Les dimensions sont 163x37x43 cm

Voici une vue de la cage en entier (cliquez sur les images pour les agrandir):

Vue de la cage entière

Vue de la cage entière

La partie gauche :

Le « désert » 🙂

Il y a un petit désert. Ce compartiment est rempli de sable de chinchilla (+-5-7cm). Le hamster ne sait pas seulement entretenir son pelage, en roulant dans le sable, mais sait aussi creuser dans le sable et entretenir ses griffes. Il y a aussi des pierres et une Chlorophytum comosum. Cette plante n’est pas dangereuse pour le hamster, si elle n’est pas traitée avec des pesticides. Un pont en bois est utilisé…

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Sunny Buzzers and Minty Loungers

So nice 🙂

rambling ratz

August was a bit of wash out, but we did have a couple of sunny days which brought out the insects. This golden shimmering hoverfly, Xylota segnis for one.

The yellow rose was the sun lounger of choice for this hoverfly, one of the Eristalis family I believe.

The goldenrod is a regular favourite for the honeybees.

This bumblebee was having to get at the cyclamen upside down.

The bees decided to freshen up on the mint flowers.

The mint moths were inevitably to be found there too.

Also lurking in the mint was this green shield bug nymph.Photo of speckled bush cricket nymph

The speckled wood butterfly decided the ivy was the best place to catch some much needed rays.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

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Wilden Marsh and Meadows Lagoon Field 20 Years Ago

The Wilden Marsh Blog

Twenty years ago this month, Mike Averill took these photographs of Wilden Marsh and Meadows Lagoon Field; sandwiched between the north marsh to the west and WildenLane to the east, then owned by British Sugar Plc and now by Associated British Foods plc. How I wish this wetland resource, as it was 20 years ago, was part of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. If this were so, the Lagoon Field might be home to an even greater quantity and variety of rare fauna and flora than is the case now, particularly with regard to water birds. If the Lagoon Field is turned over to residential and industrial development, it will be a sad loss for nature and the local environment. Of course, Wyre Forest District Council has a statutory duty to promote, enhance andprotect nature reserves and Sites of Special…

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Ikea items that are good for cats – Part 2

The Purrfect Job

I have done a post about Ikea products that make great cat items a while ago. And since then I got some feedback from you guys that there are other items from Ikea that are also great for cats. So I decided to do a ‘Part 2’ of this list…(Check out ‘Part 1’ here.)

1. SANDHAUG Tray Table


This particular coffee table is great for cats. The top can be made into a cat bed for cats and the ‘body’ of the table is a great scratching post. Here is a demonstration from one of our readers…


2. EKET Cabinet


We have already talked about the KALLAX collection in Part 1 of this post. A reader suggested us to have a look at the EKET collection as well, here is her example of using these shelves to strategically line up on the wall for her cats to use.

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Mes 7 applications coup de cœur [Papotage]

Les Pages Qui Chuchotent

Enfin me revoilà après plus d’un mois d’absence 😅 ! J’ai voulu faire une grosse coupure durant l’été pour mieux repartir à la rentrée. Histoire de bien commencer la rentrée, j’ai décidé de partager avec vous les applications que j’utilise au quotidien et dont je ne pourrais tout simplement plus me passer. Je tiens à préciser que cet article n’est pas sponsorisé, j’ai testé ces applis avec le temps et depuis, je m’en sers tous les jours ou presque. Voici ma sélection, en espérant pouvoir vous faire découvrir quelques pépites. Ps : toutes les applications proposées ici sont gratuites mais possèdent des versions premium pour plus de personnalisation et fonctions.

  • Wunderlist


Je ne sais pas si vous êtes un / une adepte des listes mais pour ma part, c’est vraiment LE truc qui me permet de tout gérer au mieux sans rien oublier … ou stresser d’oublier quelque chose. Avec Wunderlist…

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Ecoregional Druidry and the Wheel of the Year: Rituals, Observances, and Activities

The Druid's Garden

Abundant crab apples (the first year after we wassailed!) Abundant crab apples (the first year after we wassailed!)

A group of people gather in an orchard, the snows quietly falling, the cold brisk and clear.  Our voices ring to the heavens, toast is offered to the branches of the tree. We drum, sing, make noise, and scare away any spirits who would seek to harm the orchard’s harvest. We enjoy hot mulled cider and retreat back inside for feasting and community. This is a wassail for the health of the apple trees, an ancient celebration that is now very much part of my yearly wheel of the year (and one that I’ve described in some depth on this blog earlier this year and a few years ago). This is one of many rich traditions that we can engage in in honoring the land and living an earth-based path. In my last post, we explored how druids in…

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