Rat Fabrics and Wallpapers

Paisley Power

2 yards of « Paisley Rat Mosaic » fabric were bought recently by a customer. They chose the tiny turquoise and white version printed on cotton. If you have pet rats, this is the perfect fabric for you to make rat accessories.

« Paisley Rat Mosaic » fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

1 yard of « Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white) has been bought by a customer on March 19th, 2022. They chose the large-scale version which is ideal for making bedding and curtains. Other colors are available including red, and turquoise.

« Paisley Rats » fabric (black and white)

Here is a photo of 1 yard of the black and white Paisley Rats design printed on cotton. The design was created by Patrick Moriarty in 2014 in Southend-on-Sea UK.

black and white Paisley Rats fabric

The Paisley Rats design will be featured in an exhibition at a prestigious museum in Israel in May 2022…

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