It’s ok to not be ok

I don’t know you but I’m sick of all.

I’m bored to ear about covid and vax, about argument between vaccinated and no vaccinated people and their rights or not.

I’m sad to can’t travel, go to the restaurant, not see people I want, not do social activities. Even if I’m not a really social people and loooove stay comfy at home almost all the time.

I’m exhausted to altern between lockdown, semi-lockdown, hope that the life is going to come back as a normal way, more restrictions again.

And I’m particulary angrry against animals abuse and nature degradation, about the fact people don’t take care of our beautiful planet, the only place where we can stay alive. Climate change is a reality and animals suffering too, but it’s always behind the « covid priority ».

And mental health! Can we talk about mental health? It’s not neither a priority face to covid. I’m worried about mine and about world mental health, we are all going to turn mad. I am more and more depressed and negative from day to day, I don’t want anything anymore.

Sorry for this not happy post. Just wanted to say you that if you need love or to talk I’m here for you. No jugement.

See you soon


8 réflexions sur « It’s ok to not be ok »

  1. As a mental health professional, a vegan, an animal lover, and an empath, I couldn’t agree more. As for your own personal mental health, writing is one of the best therapies but most of all, go out of your way to be kind to yourself. I’ve no doubt you are already kind to others. Bonne Annee et bonne santé..

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m often too demanding with myself. I feel guilty that with my genetical disease I’m not able to to do as much as the society expect from us . I try to do my part. Save animals, especially rodents ( who are misentertood ) is my best part of the job in this world, offer them a second chance to be loved. Be vegan and be attentive in my way of consommation ( food, things, water, … ) is important for me. And be kind to other, always be kind when it’s possible.
      Wish you all the best for 2022!

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  2. .As I age, I continue to work on myself. I try to be kinder to myself. Our lives are unusual things. We all have strengths and deficits. Building on your strengths will see you through most of it. Those who point at our weakness are pointing at their own insecurity and want to make you feel inferior to them. We can acknowledge our shortcomings, if they really are, as just part of what makes us so unique. No one is perfect and those who are most insecure will be the first to point out where they think others are weak. The issues they complain about most, are those they think they themselves have well hidden. However, they leave a trail behind them that some of us cannot miss.
    Do something that you love every day of the new year. Build up someone else’s confidence, as long as it is genuine, it will give you both a lift.

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