You know the day will be long when…

When at 9 am a sparrow is already taking a bath in your kitchen sink!

When while you have a beauty treatment applied to your face and all you have to wear is a t-shirt, a panicked woman you don’t know calls you behind the door because she has a sparrow stuck in fly traps and needs help; and you have no choice but to come out and open her like that…

Good morning guys, have a great day!

7 réflexions sur « You know the day will be long when… »

    1. I know it’s awful 😦 this sweet heart got stuck in those glue traps in the lady’s cellar. I gave him a little bath while waiting for a response from a specialized center and then I led him there. He will be treated by professionals and then rehabilitated in nature if his condition allows it. They said I can give them a phone call on wednesday for have more news

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