Stretch marks

I saw that in 2015 Chrissy Teigen received more than 150 000 likes, 18000 retweet and lot of appreciation messages for posted her stretch marks on intagram.

Can mine receive so many engouement please ? Or mine aren’t they enough famous because I’m not a model and not married to a singer and composer?

When you are a celebrity all things you say or post are considered as beautiful or brave or inspiring. But when you are nobody it only seems disgusting or indecent.

If we need that a celebrity post something which is common for absolutely every woman in the world for consider that is acceptable to have some and show them, I wonder what it can mean about our society.

It seems like every day we have to fight a little harder to make things acceptable when they always have been.

Can you tell me when things like scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, hairy legs or cellulitis have become a reason to be ashamed to show a photo of us? When we have feeled the need to post a photo only of this topic as a reminder that it’s normal and is part of life?


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