On Being a Minority Religion and Paths to Building Respect

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The Druid's Garden

« I’m sorry, I’m unavailable to meet on that day. »

A pause, « well, why is that? This is an important meeting. »

« Because it is a major holiday for me, and I am taking a personal day to celebrate it. »

Another, longer pause.  « Wait, your holiday is Halloween? That’s not a religious holiday. »

« No, my holiday is Samhain, which is a holiday dedicated to my ancestors. Modern Halloween traditions actually derived from this much older holiday. »

Another pause. « Can’t you celebrate it on another day? »

« No.  The timing is critical to the celebration. Would I ask you to meet on Christmas or Easter? »

Another pause. « That’s not the same thing. »

The above interchange is a fairly common interaction fairly typical of my workplace experiences in being a minority religion, a druid, here in the USA. In fact, I had this exchange with someone just last week. Since this kind of thing seems…

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