What I learned from living with Three Dogs

Plants and Beyond

~The honor is all mine to learn from you and receive your unconditional love, adorable furry pets.

As you see they worship me. LOL. Not. Only if I have food in my hands or chewing it. They drop all, surround and demand their well-deserved food sharing. Sharing is caring, after all.

Living with pooches have been an angelic experience, multiplied 3 fold for me. They are unpretentious, honest, loyal and provide unconditional affection. Ignoring my occasional dreadful appearances, exhaustion or human-robotic working mode, they make their way in our hearts through most basic earthly necessity: LOVE.

img_7441-e1501960473619.jpgThis unconditional LOVE is showered on my family daily and if needed all day long. Once my dearest friend asked why I need so many dogs. My answer to her was to imagine life without her oldest boy and she couldn’t. Then, I asked her to imagine life without two of her kids, and…

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