Pancake Day

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March 4th 2014 is Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, the first day of Lent. It is a Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) festival.Photo of budding leaves Spring is on the way.

The word comes from shrive, which means « to confess ». During Lent Christians are supposed to perform some kind of penance, usually food deprivation, so fatty foods would be gorged upon beforehand. The word carnival comes from came levare referring to abstaining from meat. Meat, dairy and eggs were luxury foods to be given up for the forty days of Lent. As these foods were also perishables they needed to be used up, so pancakes and other similar treats would be made.

illustration of English football Image Courtesy Wikimedia

In England the day would be celebrated by raucous football games, until the 1835 Highway Act banned the playing of football in public thoroughfares. These days the festivities are limited to pancake races, whereby the runners…

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Druidry for the 21st Century: Pandora’s Box and Tools for the Future

The Druid's Garden

The story of Pandora’s box has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was little.  Pandora was so curious. She just had to open the box. She just had to. And when she did, she let out all the bad things in the world: suffering, pain, war, famine, pestilence, betrayal….but she also let out one good thing: she let out hope.

I think when we start talking about the present and the future of the world-its kind of like being inside Pandora’s Box. It seems that more and more reports come out, more and more news comes out, and the longer that things go on, we keep being surrounded by all the bad things. Ten or fifteen years ago, perhaps these things could be ignored.  But today, I don’t think there is any more time for that. The reports, like the recent National Climate Assessment, don’t often…

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Le lapin est le NAC le plus abandonné

NAC Magazine

Le lapin est le plus populaire des NAC, avec en tête des favoris, le lapin bélier. Malheureusement, le lagomorphe de compagnie est aussi le petit mammifère qui surpeuple le plus les refuges. Quelles sont les raisons de ces abandons, alors que ce NAC est celui qui a le plus de succès ?

Petite boule de poils deviendra grande

Les parents offrent une adorable petite boule de poils à leur enfant pour Noël, ou ne résistent pas au caprice du petit dernier dans une animalerie. Seulement, au bout de quelques mois, la petite peluche vivante se transforme en vrai lapin adulte ! Et pour peu que le bébé lapin a été vendu en tant que faux lapin nain (ou lapin « Toy », ce qui n’existe pas…), il arrive que des gens se retrouvent avec une belle bête de 5 kg…

Quoiqu’il en soit, une fois que le lagomorphe n’est…

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