Plants Can Hear Animals Using Their Flowers

Sounds amazing!

Plants and Beyond

~ And they react to the buzzing of pollinators by sweetening their nectar.


Friends, this incredible article, by EdYong left me in the state of awe and appreciation of the unseen.


« The latest experiments in this niche but increasingly vocal field come from Lilach Hadany and Yossi Yovel at Tel Aviv University. In one set, they showed that some plants can hear the sounds of animal pollinators and react by rapidly sweetening their nectar. In a second set, they found that other plants make high-pitched noises that lie beyond the scope of human hearing but can nonetheless be detected some distance away. »


Read more here – you will be mystified and elated that modern science can detect microscopic behavior changes of plants to the animal kingdom and promote communication.


Much love and peace to all of you. Make it a very green day.


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What To Wear For Spring 2019: Earth Tones

Sittin' On The Dock Of The New Year (5)Sittin' On The Dock Of The New Year (4)
Vegan leather, cream corduroy, a lovely T-shirt and little pops of pink and green… I love everything about this look and its dreamy feel that screams Spring. I’m currently obsessing (even more then before) about earth tone combinations. Incorporating subtle combinations of earthy hues in your wardrobe will add versatility to your every day looks. Hello wood brown shades, dusty pink, peony coral, warm grey and soft and misty greens. These nurturing colors help us to unwind and are just so inspiring! They are already part of my staples. However, I need to include them more in my home decor. So far, I’ve got many pics bookmarked for zen inspiration. Hmm… I’m dreaming. And that green bathroom I want it. So peaceful. The only problem is I wouldn’t want to get out of that gorgeous bathtub!
Clean Style Around The HouseClean Style Around The House (5)Clean Style Around The House (3)Clean Style Around The House (11)Clean Style Around The House (7)Clean Style Around The House (6)Clean Style Around The House (9)Clean Style Around The House (10)Clean Style Around The House (8)Clean Style Around The House (15)Clean Style Around The House (1)Images via 3C Style, House Beautiful, Camille Styles, My Domaine

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Spring Equinox Rituals: Rituals of Looking Back and Looking Forward

The Druid's Garden

Sometimes, when we are hiking on a trail, we are in a hurry to get somewhere–that far off vantage point, that mile marker on the map, or just seeing what is over the next horizon. I remember hiking with some friends who regularly backpacked; they were so intent on speeding through the woods to their goal and putting the miles behind them that they  left me behind at multiple points as I got off the trail to explore something. This « speeding towards a goal » is, perhaps, part of who we are as humans, and certainly, a product of Western Civilization, which is so growth and progress oriented.  Even with our spiritual practice, we can be so intent on focusing on a goal (that next grade or degree, for example) that we forget about the journey itself.  On this trail, the day I took this photo, my intuition told me to…

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A Mummified Rat from Egypt

Research Worcestershire

web-mummified-rat-c-museums-worcestershireMummified animals were common finds in ancient Egyptian tombs and were shipped back to Britain in their hundreds in the nineteenth century by travellers and collectors. It’s thought that they may have been placed in tombs for a number of reasons; as a source of food for the afterlife, as a favoured pet or most likely as a symbol of a particular deity. In ancient Egyptian religious art, characteristics of Gods and Goddesses were often represented by an animal and so the animal was often used to symbolise the deities. So great was the need for these mummified animals that an entire industry arose around their breeding and mummification.

This mummified rat came into the collections of Worcester Museum in March 1851 as part of a collection of ethnographic and antiquarian items which included two hands from the mummy pits at Memphis and a pigtail taken from a disgraced Chinese…

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Interview with Willow Croft, Author of “Salted Earth”

Mt. Misery Press

The following is an interview with Willow Croft, author of the short story « Salted Earth, » which appears in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (available now on Amazon in digital and paperback).

1) What inspired you to write your Neon Druid story, “Salted Earth”?

I’ve worked in animal rescue and wildlife rescue for years, both as a volunteer and as a paid employee. I even had the opportunity to become involved in a hoarding case investigation, and wrote an affidavit for a court case involving neglected cats. The cats were relocated to a new, no-kill cat shelter that had been formed to house them (which is still in operation today). So, the cause of animal rights is still close to my heart, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to get involved in the cause in my new location. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what would…

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The Work of Regeneration: Taking a Stand on Your Land

The Druid's Garden

The Mountains of PA (Cambria County, looking out onto Bedford and Somerset Counties) The Mountains of PA (Cambria County, looking out onto Bedford and Somerset Counties)

As I write these words, I look out my window at at rounded, weathered, Appalachian mountain, topped with trees, rising up from behind the houses in my small town. This mountain, and the many others in Western PA, are part of my blood–the nutrients that came from these soils are what built the very structures of my bones. These mountains are where my ancestors walked and toiled; generations and generations of them, going back two centuries (which is quite a long time for the USA) and in one particular family lineage, much much longer. And now, finally, after most of my adult life away, I have returned home. The funny thing is, Western Pennsylvania isn’t exactly a place people are moving to, and in fact, its a place many are running from. The mountain that stands north…

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Sailing on…

Other Worlds

A Sunday announcement to our readers.

Aeryn and I want to say thank you.  You have bought more than 1,000 Rat Tales books and helped raise £1,500 for APOPO’s HeroRATs.

It’s been a bit of a journey. The first book was published in a small run in 2017. It only cost £2.99 because I did everything myself.


Well – maybe I had a little help from Leeloo.

My entire stock sold out, so I decided to take this a bit more seriously. I found the fabulous Tofu Soup, an artist and rat-person on Twitter, and she agreed to vastly improve the covers.


She is much better at arting than me. Priss, as you see, agreed and approved the new-look books.

Ratto (12).JPG

In-between Ship Rats and Pirats, Priss and Ripley agreed to work on a humour book with the handsome and educated Alloway. Priss revealed what was in the stars…

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