Building Outdoor Sacred Spaces, Part 2: Stone Circles, Stone Spirals, and Permanent Outdoor Spaces

The Druid's Garden

In permaculture gardening, one of the key principles is to mimic patterns found in nature in designing garden and outdoor spaces.  I believe this principle is critical to creating outdoor sacred spaces–look around you, and when you are designing a sacred space, think about what inspires you.  Is it the circle of the sun or the moon?  Is it the branching pattern on the veins in leaves or on the trees? The spiral pattern of a snail shell?  The curve of a tulip or the flight path of a bird?  Look at each of these patterns found in nature–they can be your inspiration and your guide.

Maypole with circle behind, Beltane 2012 Maypole with circle behind it, Beltane 2012

I want to start with  some general tips that I have found helpful when creating an outdoor sacred spaces:

1) Use only what you can find, make, recycle, or build.  Every time you buy something, that purchase…

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